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Continue the evolution of your website by moving with the web and your company. Whether you wish to manage your own website or enlist the services of a webmaster to manage it for you, edirect offer the tools and services you need.

At edirect, our focus is ensuring that you have the most up to date and effective website possible in your industry, Poole, Bournemouth and SEO Basingstoke clients. This can only be achieved on any website when it is consistently managed and updated. Website management ensures that the latest design and functionality is added to the site and that the information is current. As a result of this, your site then converts business at the highest possible level.

Moving with the web

Right now you may have the most up to date, effective, and impressive website available. However, the internet world moves incredibly fast, and design, development and marketing techniques are improving on a monthly basis. If you do not keep up with the trends, you can be sure your competitors will, giving them the potential to outshine your business on the internet.

Those companies who are signed up for a website management service with edirect will be advised of potential website improvements, and our team will be able to provide the necessary improvements for you.

Moving with your company

Most companies will find they need to evolve over time by offering new services, providing new information based on customer feedback, undergoing minor re branding changes, or updating logos for a more modern look. Companies will also find they need to consistently update prices and packages to fit with the current market or moving location.

Every time your business makes a change, your website will require a change too. At edirect, we understand that many business owners may not have the time or the knowledge within their company to make the necessary updates to the website. This is where our website management team at edirect can help.

Whether you are just looking to make one change on an ad hoc basis, or you would like a monthly service to keep your website up to date at all times, the team at edirect are happy to offer this service to existing or new customers.

Managing your own website

If you wish to handle the web management of your site personally, edirect can provide the tools and the knowledge you will need to keep your website up to date with ease.

Content management systems

Content Management Systems, otherwise known as CMS, allow you to login and manage the content on your site, meaning there is no need to pay your webmaster every time you require any changes or additions to be made to your website.

Edirect works with professional CMS systems in order to bring you the most modern looking and functioning website design, with the fastest turnaround possible.

Our CMS websites are easy and functional to use for keeping your site up to date, which is critical for your business and customers, as well as those all-important search engines.

The advantages of a CMS should not be ignored. Regularly updating your site and providing new, fresh content ensures that the main search engines, such as Google, visit and index your site more often. This results in a higher search engine ranking and placement to get you ahead of your competitors and better promote your brand.

CMS from edirect is the most cost effective way to update and promote your website and it is perfect for any website.

There really is no limit to what they can do and the overall cost savings from owning a CMS website will become self-evident.

Customer training

At edirect, we ensure that with every website we develop, we provide all of the required training to our clients so that they have the skills to maintain their own site.

As well as our content management systems being as user friendly as possible, we will also guide and assist all of our web clients throughout the process, providing training and ongoing support.

You will be offered 2 hours training with a member of our management team. This will provide you with an understanding of how to edit pages, add new pages and blog posts, as well as insert images, media, and other special features.

“edirect work with the latest versions of WordPress.”

Website hosting

Website management from edirect covers a wide range of services, with one of those services being website hosting. This is a highly secure, fast and reliable web hosting service that uses Amazon web servers, which are arguably the best in the world. We will take care of all of the management and technical details for you and we also have technical experts one call away to assist you with your requirements.

Amazon’s high speed servers are extremely secure, which make them ideal for website hosting. When you choose our site hosting for your business, you are guaranteed 99.9% uptime and can relax knowing your website is being hosted on the best servers. Additionally, there is no limit on space as you will have unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth for your site, ensuring your business’ potential is not capped.

When edirect host your website, you will also benefit from unlimited emails, meaning you won’t have to periodically delete emails to save space. This is handy if you need to store past emails for reference purposes and also means you can email as many customers as you require. We also provide you with round the clock email support to help you with any issues that you may experience.

Website tracking and analysis

A website tracking and analysis service will help you understand and learn from how your users interact with your marketing.

Online marketing has a huge advantage over offline, as you are able to see exactly where your visitors are coming from and how they interact with your site when they arrive.

When you launch any online marketing campaign, it is essential that an appropriate level of tracking is setup from the start. This ensures that there is a clear level of understanding during and following the campaign, in order to constantly improve.

Copywriting services

Another service offered at edirect that works alongside our website management is our copywriting services. Improved copy on your site will help your sales message come across loud and clear. Our copywriters will craft compelling copy for your site that people will want to share, in turn ranking well in search engines.

In a world of search engine optimisation (SEO), good words get good results and it is these words that help turn your website content into high Google rankings. However, search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, meaning Google is also looking to rate the quality and relevance of your copy, which is where a good copywriter can assist.

At edirect, we factor in the cost of content writing services with every website, providing the first 5 pages of content as standard and additional content at an additional cost.

With the range of fully comprehensive services that are available at edirect, you will find that website management with us covers everything you require. To find out more about how we can help your business, reach out by using one of the contact methods listed below.

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