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With the development of technology in the modern era, users are accessing websites across a huge number of different devices. Your website not only needs to be easily viewed across, computers, tablets and mobiles, it is also necessary for it to be compatible with every variation browser and operating system.

making sure your website works for all visitors

edirect responsive websites

As of 2014 every website built by edirect is now responsive. We felt that it is now an essential component of any modern website.

Your site will be tested for display across:

  • Desktop browsers
  • Internet explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Android Tablets and Phones
  • iPads and iPhones

additional benefits of responsive design

As well as ensuring that users can view your website effectively across multiple devices, any user interaction with the website will be easier. Forms will be easier to fill out across different devices, increasing the potential for conversion.

Search engine companies have also recently made it clear that responsive websites will get improved rankings as it is preferable for them to take their users to a responsive website.

In 2016 51% of internet traffic is from mobile devices

Today, customers expect ease of navigation when searching online, and minimal loading times for instantaneous accessibility. As of 2016, 51% of internet traffic was from mobile devices, with the number only set to increase over the years. Therefore, ensuring that your website is responsive across all devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, is essential to provide all of your users with the same seamless experience.

At edirect, our responsive website design service comes as standard with every website that we build. However, our service not only ensures that your website is responsive across all devices but browsers and operating systems too. This means that, regardless of whether your customers are searching via desktop browsers, Internet Explorer or Chrome, they can expect the same flawless site, wherever it is accessed.

There are numerous benefits of responsive website design. One such advantage is that forms on your site will be considerably easier to fill out, which prevents the likelihood of your customers leaving your site after struggling with limited navigation. Additionally, utilising features such as caching and responsive image display will only enhance the user experience, which increases the loading speed of your website pages. This makes for a faster and more pleasant experience which will keep your audience from navigating to your competitors’ websites instead.

Responsive website design is particularly important for eCommerce sites, as they allow customers to zoom, shrink and pinch their screens to gain a better view of your products. With many users now shopping online via their smartphones or tablets, this feature could be the difference between customers choosing your site to make their purchase or seeking custom elsewhere.

Better still, responsive website design allows for businesses to deliver high-quality content across a range of devices while users are on the go. HTML5, which is the fifth and most current version of the HTML standard used when building responsive websites, allows users to access email newsletters and content within hybrid HTML5 web applications with limited connectivity.

The result is a website that looks visually impressive and boasts increased functionality.

With this in mind, our clients will be able to deliver content without hindered loading times. This feature of responsive website design could prove highly beneficial when sending emails that mention updates and promotions, meaning that your subscribed customers – and you – never miss out on a sale.

With an intuitive and responsive website, your customers will be lead seamlessly from one step to the next, therefore increasing the number of successful transactions and profit as a result. Better still, responsive websites also benefit from higher search rankings, which in turn increases your business’ online presence.

“All of our web designs are built to work across all devices.”

mobile friendly websites rank better in Google search

Did you know that, following Google’s latest algorithm update, slow loading mobile sites will find that their search rankings will gradually decrease? With this in mind, it’s worth ensuring that your mobile site is quick to load to make sure that you maintain your business’ online presence. At edirect, our responsive website design service can do just that.

As a Google Partner and certified Google Analytics and Ad Words Partner, our team possess a wealth of knowledge and experience. They understand how to create responsive website designs that will rank your company in Google search making you stand out from your competitors. From ensuring that the content on your site is of excellent quality to establishing a layout that is easy to navigate, there are many factors that our talented team can take into consideration.

Also, by opting for a responsive website, our clients can manage their website by using a single set of hyperlinks, which also offers the convenience of reduced maintenance time. Therefore, you’ll benefit from the ability to create a unified SEO strategy that works effectively across a variety of devices. A single website is also significantly easier to optimise and less time consuming too. This means that your business will have less content to manage.

first impressions count

It only takes a few seconds for a new user to make up their mind about your website based on navigation and branding. Therefore, making sure that you do not lose customers due to slow loading times, clunky design and confusing navigation is vital to increasing conversion and lowering bounce rates. With responsive website design, you’re one step closer to achieving just that.

At edirect, we will work with your online presence and branding in mind, and create a responsive website that ticks all of the boxes required for a seamless user experience.

Our responsive website design service can also be incorporated with many others to further enhance your website. Our graphic designers can create engaging content to establish your brand image creating a lasting first impression – for all the right reasons.

This can be complemented with a range of other services. From bespoke web applications and creative portfolio sites to estate agent systems, edirect are ideally suited to create custom website designs that are tailored to your business and budget. When combined with our SEO, PPC, eCommerce and Mobile Apps services, our clients will remain one step ahead of the competition, and establish a brand that resonates with the widest possible audience.


benefits of easier analytics reporting

A responsive website means that you will not have to redirect your customers to device-specific sites to complete the transaction process. While this undoubtedly reduces the bounce rate of your users, it also allows for easier analytics tracking and reporting. Businesses will no longer have to track the journey of their users across several sites. Instead, they will benefit from having all of the information they need on a single responsive site.

Utilising tools such as Google Analytics will allow our clients to successfully monitor customer behaviour, and also work directly with single responsive websites by creating one single and easily decipherable report. Therefore, our clients will benefit from easier analytics reporting and will be provided with all of the information necessary to enhance and expand their business.

At edirect, our expertise is not limited to responsive website design. Our close-knit team of strategic, creative and technical experts are perfectly placed to offer a range of services to establish your business online. With the team at edirect working hard for your interests, the success of your brand is all but assured.

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