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Being on the World Wide Web is now an essential business tool. A successful site gives your business a presence on the web that shows your customers exactly what you have to offer, and allows you to show off your services to their full potential.

A professional business needs a professional image

Our website design team will work closely with you to plan the structure of your website content and even suggest new content and promotional ideas. Once a visitor has reached your website they can quickly find the information they are looking for. More importantly that they are gently encouraged to complete a “Call-to-Action”, which might take the form of a Contact Form or a message to complete an on-line purchase.

edirect employs skilled and talented individuals that come together to form an award-winning team. We will create visually stunning, highly successful websites, taking your brief through to completion and working to your budget. edirect will design from scratch to create a solution that will exceed your expectations.

Our team is comprised of visual artists and graphic designers, qualified, experienced developers, outstanding copywriters and knowledgeable SEO experts. The edirect team is perfectly balanced and well positioned to produce everything from a simple brochure site right through to a full featured E commerce design with content management system and more.

establishing an online presence

At edirect, we know how important it is for our clients to have a website that perfectly conveys their brand in order to both attract the desired target audience and maintain their reputation. With this in mind, we endeavour to create website designs that encapsulate your vision following a thorough consultation process to ensure that your website is truly bespoke.

Whether you seek something that is more traditional to convey a sense of sophisticated simplicity or something more striking for a lasting first impression, edirect are perfectly placed to offer just that. No request is too big or small for our talented team of website designers. Their vast expertise means that they can create an array of designs to truly expand and enhance your brand.

Our website designers have worked with a wealth of varied small and large clients from across the globe, and we pride ourselves on not just meeting but exceeding their expectations. Therefore, we have a solid understanding of how to create customised websites that combine ease of navigation, stunning aesthetics and are built with SEO in mind.

A beautifully designed website will create a lasting first impression that speaks volumes about your company and service.

One that is easy to use, intuitive and contains high quality content is also an exceptional way to ensure that your website ranks highly in Google search. As certified Google Partners, as well as Google Analytics and Adwords Partners, our team possess a wealth of experience and are ideally suited to create bespoke websites that establish your brand and online presence.

From estate agent systems, eCommerce websites and recruitment agency websites to creative portfolios, content management systems and more, there is no limit to what our team can create to enhance your business. Or, perhaps you have something entirely different in mind? At edirect, we love to take on a challenge, with bespoke website design and development requests being no exception.

In addition to offering a bespoke website design and development service, our team can also create an array of promotional material, which will further establish your brand. From logo design and business card creation and presentation to proposal design, there are many ways that we can convey a truly professional, yet personalised, idea to your potential clients and customers.

Our bespoke website design and development service can complement our SEO in Birmingham, as well as PPC and mobile app services, for a truly comprehensive marketing provision. From optimised landing pages and social media advertisements to mobile apps that act as a seamless extension of your site, edirect can create just that.

“Detailed process with the consideration of design, development, conversion and marketing.”

website design and development tailored to your business

Our website design and development team can also assist with a variety of other aspects to further develop a professional image for your business. While having a website is undoubtedly an essential business tool to ensure your online presence, there are many other ways to further enhance your reach and profit potential.

For example, our conversion optimisation service can ensure that you consider your business’ key USPs, trust factors and a call-to-action, as well as many other factors that you may not have initially considered. This ensures that the content included on your website is of the highest standard. In turn, this not only improves your Google search ranking but also your customer’s trust that they are enlisting the services of a knowledgeable and well-established company.

At edirect, we also offer website management to ensure that your website evolves and grows seamlessly in an age of near constant digital development. Our team can ensure that your website benefits from all of the latest design and functionality to ensure that it continues to convert business at the optimum level. Whether wish to make occasional changes or would prefer a monthly service to review how your site can improve, our talented team are happy to help.

responsive website design for all devices

At edirect, we offer website design and development that considers all devices to ensure that your business never misses a beat. Whether your customer is browsing on a smartphone, tablet or laptop, users are guaranteed to receive a truly seamless experience. Our team will also ensure that your website is compatible with every browser and operating system, meaning that your customers experience the same flawless site, regardless of how or where they access it.

Our responsive website design also greatly improves navigation, which is essential for eCommerce sites. With caching and responsive image display capabilities, your customers will be able to pinch, zoom and shrink the images on your site, therefore allowing them to gain a clearer view of your products.

This feature could be the difference between a customer deciding on your custom or leaving to purchase the product elsewhere. With this in mind, opting for responsive website design is a worthwhile investment for your business.

Our clients can also benefit from our website management provision, which will ensure that your website features the latest design and functionality. The online world is constantly changing and updating, so make sure that you remain one step ahead with our exceptional website design and development service.

track and analyse your website for optimum results

Having a website with all of the aforementioned features is essential to establishing your business’ online presence. Tracking and analysing your customer’s behaviour is a great way to ensure that your company is constantly improving. When you enlist edirect for our website tracking and analysis service, we can identify your strengths and weaknesses to determine how the site could be improved further.

Our service also includes analysis of user interactions, interests and motivation, as well as which traffic sources result in a higher conversion rate. Therefore, we can create stronger call-to-actions and content, in addition to clearer page layouts. We can even help you to understand which advertising streams create more income.

At edirect, our close-knit team, which is comprised of strategic, technical and creative experts, are ideally suited to offering not only an exceptional website design and development service, but many other services too. Our team will work hard to establish your business’ online presence by utilising their unique skills and knowledge and. With a new website driving your business forward, your brand, products and services will be promoted in the best possible light, ensuring a successful future for your company.

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