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Since 2001 edirect have now created over 500 web designs for Poole based companies, in addition to 1,000’s created for other companies across the south of the UK. With a very strong expert team, our web design services can span across multiple types of business, from standard information sites, to E Commerce, to fully bespoke developments.

what edirect web design can do for your poole based company!

With a phenomenal 44,7 million internet users in the UK in 2015 (with the south of the uk having the highest proportion of usage at 90%)* Being on the World Wide Web is now an essential business tool. A professional website will give your Poole business a strong and effective presence on the web. That shows your customers exactly what you have to offer, allowing you to show off your services to their full potential.

It has been reported that almost 50% of web users leave small business websites due to low quality web design. A well designed website can convert your visitors into sales. A good website can also save you time. The days of spending hours on the phone selling your product or service could be a thing of the past, with your website giving your customer all they need to know about your company. So by the time they call or E-mail you, the sale is already made. We also have a full E-commerce web design department, one of these sites can complete the sale for you.

responsive web design as standard

Responsive web design is a relatively new and advanced technology, which allows a single website design to adjust to the device on which it is being viewed. this ultimately creates a great user experience regardless of whether the user is viewing your website n a desktop, mobile or tablet. Access to the Internet using a mobile phone more than doubled between 2010 and 2014, from 24% to 58%*, and we believe this is only set to increase further. 48% of users say that if a business website does not work well on mobile, they will take this as an indication that the business does not care*, Google have also begun to penalise website for not being mobile responsive in search engine rankings. For these very reasons every new website design completed by edirect is now responsive at no extra cost.

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Our web design team will work closely with you to plan the structure of your website content. We will even suggest new content and promotional ideas so that once a visitor has reached your website they can quickly find the information they have come looking for. More importantly that they are gently encouraged to complete a “call-to-action” which might be to fill in a contact form or complete an online purchase.

edirect has always employed skilled and talented individuals that come together as an award-winning team to create visually stunning, highly successful websites. Taking your brief and working to your budget, we will create your web design from scratch to create something which will exceed your expectations.

Comprising of visual artists and graphic designers, qualified, experienced developers, outstanding copywriters and knowledgeable SEO experts, the edirect team is perfectly balanced and well positioned to produce everything from a simple brochure site right through to a full featured e-commerce design with content management system and more.

face to face consultancy for your web design in poole

When creating and designing your businesses website, there is no doubt it is important to get the look and functionality of it just right. This is why we feel every business owner should have the right to a face to face consultation about their web design,Poole is local to us and we are happy to provide a free consultation in our offices, or come to your place of business in Poole, and discuss your web design needs.

The Internet is the number one medium for directing potential customers to small businesses. Pound for pound being the most effective way of advertising your business, so why not join it?

“Detailed process with the consideration of design, development, conversion and marketing.”

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