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This era of social influencing has paved the way for brands to partner with influencers, which has become an increasingly popular method since 2016.

Social Media Influencers are people who effectively drive brand experience and influence consumers’ purchasing decisions through creative and strategic methods of communication on their highly established social platforms. As we become more attached to our devices and spend more times on our social media platforms, we start to bond with and trust these influencers, sometimes without even realising!

So when the influencer talks about a product or service, you may naturally become interested, trust the product and even make a purchase as a direct result of how well they have presented it to us.

“Social Media has grown in power and has changed the way services and products are advertised”

In terms of costs, social influencer charges may differ depending on their speciality and popularity. However, regardless of pricing, it is worth noting that this sector of advertising is still new to the market. Rules and regulations are not fully established yet, meaning that if you have not carried out the necessary checks and consulted with the influencer directly, you could end up out of pocket very quickly with little-to-no return-on-investment.

Remember not all flowers are genuine flowers, not all peaches are as juicy as they look, and not all followers are active. Keep in mind that not all followers are from the sector where you conduct your business! At the end of the day, not all influencers are genuine influencers! With limited ways of tracking your ROI, it is not always easy to know where your conversions are coming from, therefore you may continue advertising with wrong influencers who have no impact to your business.

This all being said, you can hit the jack-pot with a massive return on investment if you find the right influencers who can give your brand that maximum exposure it so craves.

At edirect, we only deal with influencers who are regularly tested through different tools and techniques which we have developed over the years.We only match you with an influencer who targets your client demographic and is more likely to be interested in what you are selling.

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