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For any business in the modern age online marketing is an essential tool, whether you are the MD of a corporate business, or a tradesman looking for some extra business, there is a substantial pool of new customers using the internet to find your services every day.

highly effective business marketing where you can closely monitor ROI

If you’ve just launched a new business or already preside over an existing one, you’re no doubt wondering what you can do to get your brand noticed. Nowadays, the most effective way is through online marketing as more and more people are engaging with the Internet and social media every day. But creating a website is only the beginning.

Here at edirect, we provide a complete range of online marketing services from PPC and social media to SEO. With the online landscape becoming more and more competitive with each passing day, it’s now more important than ever that your business stands out from the crowd. Our team can make that happen.

“Online marketing is an essential tool for any business”

why online marketing?

Building highly successful online marketing campaigns, however, is not as simple as just put a website online, and wait for your customers to find you. This is like having a store with no address. You need to ensure that your website is highly visible in search engines, and reaches out to users through social media and banner advertising. In addition, once the user has shown an interest, it is key that the potential lead is held on to, which can be achieved through targeting ads direct to that user across the web, and through email.

the benefit of inbound leads

A strong online marketing campaign will drive hot leads to you or your sales team, this means that they already have a good idea of what they want, and this can reduce the lead conversion process by months, meaning that your sales team can generate a much higher volume of completed sales per person.

how to know your ROI

Tracking and analysis is a key part of any online marketing campaign, recording how many leads have come through exact marketing channels can give a great insight into what areas are the most successful. edirect set up analytics and tracking for all clients, so we know how many calls, completed forms, and in the case of E Commerce, sales, have been made. This can be analysed to see which of these have come through SEO, PPC, and social media, then it is possible to drill down even further to exact ads, posts, keywords etc. With all of this data, it is easy to see your profits on every section of the marketing.

how should your business use online marketing

Every business is different, and the right marketing channels are not always clear. edirect can provide a free consultation to establish what would be ideal for your business and your budget, and most importantly can provide the full range of services, giving you a single point of contact for all of your online marketing.

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