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Google provide an unbelievably massive amount of tools and apps for all users of the web. From image editing to email accounts to blogs and loads more. However there are a select few that our edirect SEO Bournemouth team implement and analyse to help optimise your website and gain better search engine rankings for your business.

Google my business

A Google My Business page is absolutely essential for every local business. This is your very own Google business listing. The listing allows you to enter your business name, address, description, images, videos, opening times and more. This directly helps you promote your business within the search results. It will also give you a position on Google maps, a service many people have used at one time or another. The maps are very beneficial in this age of mobile web browsing. Customers often use this to find the service most local to them. edirect will optimise this listing for best effect. We will use our keyword research and analysis of search types, as well as a good understanding of the Google local ranking factors. This allows us to ensure that your local listing is appearing most often and most effectively. We can also connect this to you Google+ page, to give you complete exposure amongst the Google services.

Google Analytics

This is an unbelievably extensive service provided by Google. I could write an entire site on all of the features that you get, but here I would like to give you a quick explanation of the main ways we use this for SEO benefit.


You are also able to look at how users flow through your site. What pages they enter on, move to, and most importantly leave from. If they have left without making a purchase, or contacting your company, it is important we establish what page they left from to examine and fix any weaknesses in the site.


We can connect your analytics to your webmaster tools account. Showing us in more detail how the impressions you receive for certain keywords relate to the clicks through to your site, and follow these through your content.


Analytics can give valuable insights into where your website traffic is coming from. Whether that be from Google organic results, Google PPC, and the same for other search engines, as well as Referral traffic, whether this is from, social sites, partner sites, or even business listing (which is unlikely). This will show areas of optimisation and marketing that are working, that are not working or need to be accelerated. With the Google organic results, it can also show the keywords that are gaining you the most clicks, allowing us to focus more heavily on these keywords.


For e-commerce sites it is possible to establish your most profitable keywords. Google analytics will give you information that allows us to understand which keywords a user types into the search engine result in a converted sale. Giving a much greater insight into the relevance of the targeted keywords, and allow us to select more to target.

I have of course just scratched the surface here, for the full picture on analytics you can visit

“All SEO services are conducted in house, copy writing is also provided.”

Webmaster Search Console

This is a constantly expanding and improving service from Google. It is ultimately your best way to communicate information about your website to Google. As well as a place that Google can inform you of some details about your search engine success and inform you of any issues with your web site. edirect can use this service to help your site within Google. As well as ensure Google is viewing your site in the most beneficial way. Here are a few of the Key benefits to Webmaster tools.


We will be able to generate an XML site map for your site, this sitemap will be submitted within webmaster tools, allowing Google to more efficiently find all of the pages in your site so they can be displayed in their search results. They are also able to report back how many pages they have managed to index from your site map

Search Queries

Webmaster tools shows a huge amount of data regarding which search terms (keywords) have been entered into Google and returned a result for your site. For each keyword they will provide data on:

  • Number of impressions (times you have been shown in the results)
  • Number of clicks to your site through these results
  • A calculation of your click through rate
  • Monthly changes on these figures

At edirect we have the expertise to analyse these results and identify any potential issues with how Google or users are viewing your site and search snippets, in either a negative or positive way.

Crawl data

Webmaster tools also provide vital information on the access their search robots have to your site. You have the ability to monitor how often your site is crawled and how quickly. Most importantly however they inform you of errors when crawling your website, either server errors, URL errors or robots.txt errors (understand more about these in optimised site structure). We are able to monitor these errors, they don’t happen very often, however when they do it is vital to repair them immediately in order to maintain the health of your site and your search rankings.


Through Webmaster tools Google will be able to show you two important factors regarding links to your pages. Firstly they show you internal linking. This will allow us to ensure it is optimised to best effect. They are also able to show you all the back links from external sites that they are taking into account when ranking your site. As some links from low quality sites can harm your rankings, if necessary they also provide the ability for you to disavow these links.

Structured search snippets

The latest feature of the webmaster tools is the ability to test and monitor your structured data. At edirect we use these tools to make the most of your search snippets.

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