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Before any company considers taking SEO as a viable marketing strategy, they need to understand their website’s current standpoint on the internet, and how this is currently being viewed and ranked by search engines.

Understand your SEO position

At edirect, we understand that, for any company, embarking on a marketing strategy that includes SEO can be daunting when there any many factors to consider. From establishing your current website’s online presence, structure and content, to analysing your social media presence and backlink profile, setting up a website is simply the tip of the iceberg.

With this in mind, we endeavour to make the process easier with our free SEO analysis service, which means that you’ll benefit from our highly knowledgeable and experienced team of experts to guide the way. Our free SEO site analysis service first begins with gaining an understanding of your business goals, existing marketing strategy and current website. This will allow us to create a detailed plan of action about how our exceptional team can achieve these goals for your business.

From there, we can discuss the benefits that our SEO services can bring and a realistic time frame for your business goals to be achieved within. During this time, we will be on hand to discuss any particular areas of concern and, should you have any questions, are only ever a phone call away. With this in mind, you can rest assured that your business’ online presence is in experienced and capable hands, and provided by a team of knowledge, honest and dedicated experts.

Our experienced and highly knowledgeable team will assess your online presence in relation to a number of factors. Following this, we will then be able to provide you with a detailed report and thorough understanding of where your business and website currently stands – completely free of charge. This report will consider the following SEO factors, and more:

Website Content

  • Meta titles and descriptions
  • Image Alt tags
  • Keyword targeted content

Website structure

  • Comparison of coding to best practices
  • Robots txt file
  • Redirects and canonical
  • Site speed
  • Structured data

Back link profile

  • Volume of links to your site
  • Quality of links to your site
  • Google page rank

Social presence

  • Connected social accounts Google+, Facebook, Twitter
  • of likes and shares to your website pages

“All SEO services are conducted in house, copy writing is also provided.”

Free SEO Site Analysis

Contact edirect today and we will provide you with a brief SEO analysis of your site. We will be able to give you insights on the current SEO quality of your:

  • Website structure
  • Website Content
  • Back link profile
  • Social presence

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face to face consultations

At edirect, we’ll provide you with a clear understanding of your website’s potential and how our services can improve it. Over the years, we have proudly assisted many businesses in creating a website that is visually striking, fully functional and built with SEO in mind. Each of these sites began as an informal discussion with our team and our free SEO site analysis service.
Our team are passionate about all things SEO and relish taking on a challenge.

Therefore, we welcome companies of all shapes and sizes to reach out and benefit from our no-obligation consultation today. Perhaps you’re looking for a team of talented web designers to create an entirely new and shiny website that is complemented by a range of bespoke web applications to create a site that is truly unique? Or, perhaps a one-off service of the highest quality to further enhance your existing site?

backlink analysis

Included within our free SEO site analysis service is an investigation into your website’s backlink profile, which can considerably affect how Google ranks your site in search results. Put simply; a backlink profile is a list of all of the websites that currently link to yours. Google determines the ranking of your site by looking at the links which link to yours, so ensuring the quality of those links is of high importance.

At edirect, our experienced SEO team will access various factors when undertaking backlink analysis on your site, including the volume of links to your site, as well as their quality. Quality is determined by factors such as relevance, domain author and link placement, as well as its anchor text and believability. While this may seem vast, our team possess a wealth of knowledge and can easily determine the most appropriate way to proceed.

website content

Our team can consider ways in which to ensure that your new website is built with SEO in mind, and therefore ranks highly on Google to increase its traffic. From meta titles and descriptions to create a professional search result, image alt tags on your site and keyword targeted content; there are many ways to make sure your site leaves no stone unturned and establishes an impressive online presence.

A search result that has titles that are too long and a meta description that trawls off on a tangent could put off potential clients, who may favour a site with neat titles and a complete and informative overview of their services. By creating meta titles and descriptions, your site will convey a professional image, as well as succinctly and effectively communicate to users what your company can offer to them. At edirect, our team can assist by creating just that.

website structure

While creating a website is the first essential step to establishing your business’ online presence, one that is built with full functionality and SEO in mind will ensure that you stay one step ahead of your competitors. When you enlist our knowledgeable team to develop your website, we will consider a variety of factors to ensure that it is not only aesthetically pleasing but fully functional and easy to navigate.

Each of our websites is created to be responsive as standard, meaning that your site can be accessed on any device and still offer the same seamless experience across all. So, whether your customers are browsing on a laptop, smartphone or tablet, you can rest assured that they will be viewing a flawless site, every time. Better still, our team will consider the best coding practices, site speed and robots txt file to ensure that your website ranks highly in Google, thus increasing traffic and potential conversion rate.

social presence

In today’s digital world, almost everyone has at least one social media account, meaning there is plenty of untapped potential if you have not yet established your social presence. At edirect, our dedicated team of social media experts can ensure that your site is connected to Google+, Facebook and Twitter. This is as well as ensuring that your pages receive likes and shares to increase your online reach further.

Our PPC team can also create Facebook ads that further promote your company online, which are essential for any B2B business. As a team of ex-Googlers who have a wealth of knowledge about their field, you can rest assured that you’re enlisting only the best when you choose edirect for your free SEO site analysis. To find out more, be sure to get in touch using one of the contact methods listed below.

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