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Once your website is up and running, you need to attract as many visitors as possible. This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) becomes essential.

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Search Engine Optimisation (also known as Search Marketing), is the process of fine tuning your website content to make sure that it is getting ranked as high as possible in search engine results from the likes of Google or Yahoo – which in turn, will result in more visitors to your site and more customers to your business.

a little about our SEO service

It is now very rarely the case that a UK company will not create a website as part of their initial setup. This means that there are now millions of business websites all competing for the attention of an increasing number of potential customers, who are looking for goods and services on the World Wide Web.

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setting up the campaign

Any successful campaign starts with a plan. A well thought out and flawlessly executed plan will inevitably put you ahead of the competition because the very core of the campaign will revolve around the plan you have in place.

Our team will ensure that this is done to the highest levels and take a comprehensive approach to your search engine optimisation procedure. We understand how the system works and how best to give your company the boost in web presence that it needs.

Without the structure and guidance of a complete plan, like the ones we produce, you may find that you receive lack lustre results, which can be demoralising and even damage your company’s exposure. Navigating the many pitfalls of the online market and advertising world is just one of the many skills we possess, so you can be confident that our SEO service is perfect for your business.

completing your campaign

Even though the internet has changed drastically over the previous decade, Google has remained the top dog for search engines and will surely remain so in years to come. Over 80% of worldwide internet users use google at some point during their browsing habits, which is the largest single audience for anything on the planet reaching over 2.8 billion people.

In light of this and in recognition of the sheer potential that Google provides, we utilise its search parameters and algorithms to adjust our approach to your SEO campaign. There are over 200 factors that Google uses to automatically analyse your website and decide where to place it in search results and rankings.

We use our detailed understanding of this system and the implemented factors to mould your website, either by adding or changing content, to systematically improve your rankings. Not only will this make your website and your brand more visible as a whole, but it can also be used to vastly improve the notability of specific services you wish to focus on.

Additionally, a great many of Google’s rank deciding factors cross over onto other search engines, which will give your website increased exposure to the minorities that use these Google alternatives. The use and results garnered from SEO can be further improved by putting it into effect as a part of a complete marketing campaign, as opposed to a standalone tool.

tracking and reporting

Any business owner will know that marketing platforms, the market itself, and advertising mediums are constantly changing. The same can be said for SEO as well, which is why we can provide tracking and reporting for your campaign.

This part of the service will help you to better understand the habits and trends within your target market, such as common search terms, your site user traffic, site errors, and popular keywords. It will also give you your site rankings for each keyword. These can be targeted by our team with specific focus on the most relevant terms and, of course, any terms you would like to focus on.

There are several elements to this that we will monitor in order to consistently advance your progress in the rankings and ensure the highest ongoing results. The world of marketing must be seen as a dynamic entity, and we have the tools, the knowledge, and the skills to address the changes and reshape your online presence to yield the greatest level of visibility.

One of the most important parts of any website, which can often be overlooked, is fixing existing issues that may be having a detrimental effect on your rankings. Using our understanding of the ranking system, your website can be cleaned of issues and optimised for search engine rankings.

“All SEO services are conducted in house, and copy writing is also provided.”

free SEO site analysis

If you would like to know how you website stands as a whole, then you are welcome to get in touch with edirect at your earliest convenience and request a free, no-obligation SEO analysis of your website. We will be able to provide a summary of the various elements that effect SEO optimisation.

A few of the things we can take a look at and provide insight into includes:

  • Website Structure – how your website fits together, whether navigation is convenient and the overall presentation of the site itself
  • Website Content – the general level and quality of the content within your website makes a huge difference in the rankings
  • Back Link Profile – this will highlight other websites currently linking to your website and can make a big difference to your exposure
  • Social Presence – more and more companies are turning to social media for cheap and yet effective visibility, and we can let you know how your website stands on this forum

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face to face consultations

We are happy for those interested in taking on our SEO service to arrange an appointment to visit us at our location in central Bournemouth. Here, you will have an open forum to discuss the potential and the possibilities that SEO could provide for your business.

Additionally, it will assist you in further understanding the service, so feel free to make a note of any questions you would like to ask and we will ensure they are all answered to your satisfaction.

affordable and bespoke SEO packages

Here at edirect, we understand that it can feel like a burden to invest in SEO services, especially when you are from a small business or are self-employed. The price tag can seem too lofty to be deemed a worthy investment, but rest assured we have a solution to suit you.

Having worked with a range of clients from sole traders to international corporations, we have the capacity to offer you a tailored SEO package that will fit into your budget and requirements. There will also be achievements to fulfil throughout the campaign, which gives us goals to work towards and provide you with progress markers so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

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