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edirect have been providing SEO services to companies in the south of the UK Since 2001. In 2015 we opened our office in Leeds, and are now delivering SEO and marketing services to many companies in Leeds and the surrounding areas. We always feel it is essential that every business owner or company director makes an informed decision on choosing an SEO service, therefore we have detailed below the key considerations for any decision maker.

Why would a business require SEO services?

Firstly lets consider your potential customers, those new ones that have never heard of your brand before. Would they be looking on search engines to find your services? Reports show that 89% of customers begin their buying process with a search engine*. This means that most businesses would be able to generate additional leads from search engines. However there is a large amount of competition out there and over 75% of search engine users never search past the 1st page* so to gain this new business, it is key that your website ranks on page 1 of search engines, and to get the most visitors, at the top of page 1. There are now millions of businesses gaining new sales and leads from search engines.

SEO potential however varies from business to business, and SEO should only be invested in when there is a clear potential of ROI. As a result edirect provide an initial SEO analysis of your opportunities and competition this assessment along with an initial free consultation will allow us to provide you with the information you need to establish whether SEO is the ideal marketing channel for your business.

what will an seo company provide?

The 2 top level key factors that any SEO company should provide is return on investment, and transparency on the work provided to achieve ROI, whether this is a short term, or long term strategy, these are the 2 essential factors. SEO campaigns do contain many essential sections, to help you further understand what work should be expected, these are the key elements to any SEO campaign:

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keyword research

It is essential to begin any SEO campaign by establishing key targets within the search engines i.e. the words and phrases you would need to reach top ranking positions for to achieve new leads. For the SEO campaign to successfully bring new business to any company the keyword targets must:

  • Be highly relevant to the business
  • Have a good volume of searches carried out by users in search engines
  • Have a reasonable level of competition to ensure the term is achievable

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seo consultancy

Every business has different requirements, and it is fairly common place that the SEO work can come from within the businesses itself, in these cases, the SEO company should be able to provide expert advice and support on how to structure the campaigns effectively at a higher level.

optimisation of the website structure

It is a very frequent case that during a website development not every SEO consideration would be taken into account, due to both cost and time factors, there are many SEO improvements in the structure of a website that can be made post development:

  • Responsive web design
  • Improved site speed
  • Meta Data structure
  • URL structure
  • Internal linking structure

These are just a few examples, by making these improvement the website will improve it’s ranking as a whole, due to higher levels of quality and relevance.

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conversion optimisation

Every marketing campaign, whether it is structured to drive organic or paid traffic, it is key that these are tracked and analysed. One of the great advantages to online marketing, over any other form of marketing is it’s ability to track the success and ROI on campaigns. As well as using tracked data to continually improve the campaign targets we are specialists in conversion optimisation.

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voice search optimisation

One of the latest aspects of SEO is ensuring that website content is optimised effectively to work with voice search in addition to traditional text search. The use of voice search through virtual assistants like Siri, Google assistant, Cortana and Amazon Alexa is constantly on the rise, and in order to make sure your business still tops voice related search terms, your website, content and web presence needs to be optimised for this.

local seo in leeds

Local SEO is highly beneficial to any business that operates locally and would be found based on keywords with the location within them, or would where mobile users are reffering to their current location. This must be addressed in a very slightly different way to standard SEO processes, using Google maps and local business tools to target users. here is a brief guide to how many searchers some local business could be targeting:

Keyword Searches
Builders Leeds 800
Law Firms Leeds 350
Hotels Leeds 9,000
Plumbers Leeds 650
Restaurants Leeds 4,000
SEO Leeds 800

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e commerce seo

E Commerce websites are a prime candidate for SEO success, due to the high volume of users now buying products online. It is also easier to accurately measure ROI on E Commerce sites due to the ability to record direct sales in relation to the contributing form of marketing. It is also very common that E Commerce sites make some critical SEO errors in the creation of the site, like using duplicate content, or even no content for product pages.

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all seo services carried out in the uk

With offices in both Leeds and Bournemouth, edirect are very proud of developing highly experienced marketing teams, who are all provided very clear global SEO processes which must be strictly adhered to. With our SEO experts, and creative copywriters, we are able to provide very high quality SEO campaigns, as a result we have risen to be one of the strongest SEO agencies in the UK.

free seo site analysis

SEO is not the ideal marketing channel for every business, we understand this, and as a result we ensure that the SEO potential is analysed for every business before taking them on as a client, we will provide a free analysis including:

  • Website structure
  • Site speed
  • Content analysis
  • Link analysis
  • Social analysis

To name a few of the features, as well as a free face to face consultation, meaning it will be very clear what your path forward should be for your online marketing before you even commit a penny.

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“All SEO services are conducted in house, copy writing is also provided.”

optimisation of your content

Statistics show that the average Google 1st page result contains 1,890 words* on the page. This does not necessarily mean more is better, but it does mean it is a highly contributing factor. Content should both be created regularly and optimised effectively to achieve the keyword targets. This is the reason edirect have built a team of expert copywriters within our SEO department. If you do not have the resources within your company to create regular new content, it is key that you ensure your SEO agency can also provide the content creation for your website, landing pages, and blogs.

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building a web presence

While content optimisation will often ensure visits from search engines, it is key that additional traffic is driven to these pages, a wider presence should be built up around your website, using social media, reliable business listings, press releases and more. This wider prescence will both increase your rankings, by your website being referenced across more places on the web, as well as driving new traffic to your site.

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