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edirect have been providing SEO services to companies in Dorset since 2001. With an experienced team of SEO experts, and copywriters, we have planned and delivered hundreds of successful SEO campaigns for Dorset businesses, we also combine these services effectively with our full online marketing solutions.


It is now common place that businesses get the majority of their leads and sales from consumers finding their company online. With a strong shift to consumers using search engines to research and make purchases, resulting in Google now getting over 100 Billion searches a month*. Ranking in the top results within search engines has repeatedly been successful in lead generation for millions of businesses.

The potential market varies for every business, and this is why edirect Offer a free initial SEO analysis of your opportunities and competition which will allow us to provide you with the data you need to establish whether SEO is the ideal marketing channel for you.

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While there is now a wider understanding of SEO across business owners and Company directors, it is still very important that any SEO company is transparent in what is provided within their services, and give a clear indication of the potential ROI that can be generated.

Below I have laid out some of the elements that should be included in any effective SEO campaign:

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Keyword Research

This is the core of any SEO campaign, and should be the basis on which all the following planning and delivery should be based, taking the wrong road on keyword targets can result in campaign failure, therefore it is essential that the keyword research generates clear target terms that are:

  • Highly relevant to the business
  • High in volume of searches carried out by users in search engines
  • Achieveable with a reasonable level of competition


Website Optimisation

Whenever a website is developed, there are many SEO factors that should be implemented, but it is incredibly common place that there are further SEO improvements that can be made to the website for example:

  • Responsive web design
  • Improved site speed
  • Meta Data structure
  • URL structure
  • Internal linking structure

These are just a few of the elements that often need improving to advance any websites SEO.

Content optimisation

As a result of research by search engine companies, it is clear that the content quality and relevance is a highly important factor required by web users. As a result search engines value the content very highly as a search ranking factor, in fact 72% of marketers state that content creation is the most effective SEO tactic*. As a result edirect have built a full copywriting team, and it is key that as a company, if there is not the time for your in house staff to create your own copy, that you select an SEO company that can also provide high quality content writing.

Website Promotion

References and links from other websites to yours provide search engines with an indication to the quality of your company and your websites content. It is key that a wider presence of your company and website is built online to ensure you build additional traffic to your site. This traffic will not necessarily be direct leads, but will build your brand and authority online.

 SEO Consultancy

It is quite common place that companies will use multiple outsource companies for various aspects of their online marketing, including web development, content writing, social media marketing etc. Any SEO company should have the expertise to provide SEO consultancy only, in circumstances where a company, where advice and support is provided, but the copy, design and development is delivered externally.


Website Tracking and Analysis

No marketing campaign is complete without the ability to track it’s performance and success. In fact that is one of the main aspects of online marketing that is more efficient than offline marketing, as every aspect of user behavior is measurable, and ROI on every campaign is easier to monitor and calculate. It also allows for further improvement of campaigns, ensuring that the effectiveness of any website page can be analysed, along with every keyword target, and campaigns can be adjusted accordingly.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Ensuring that your website converts website visitors to new leads, is now an essential part of SEO, search engines are always measuring the metrics on your website and will identify if yours was the last website a user visited and will improve your rankings accordingly. Of course ensuring that the conversion on your website is strong will also have a direct effect on the volume of sales and leads your website generates.

Voice Search

This is the latest consideration of any search optimisation company, it should be highly considered within the campaign, As within 2016, Google have now reported that 20% of android mobile searches are now conducted through voice search*. The campaigns can be optimised for this by ensuring that content created can lend itself to voice search across all available search assistants such as Google assistant, Siri, Amazon Alexa, it is clear within the industry that the use of voice search will continue to be a rising trend.


SEO Reporting

Regular reporting to the company should be provided by the SEO agency, it should lay out the clear results from the campaign, providing the increase in rankings for the keyword targets, and the resulting increase in traffic.


Local SEO is a very specific strain of SEO, with the use of Google maps, and local business listings, providing the optimisation process with it’s own set of rules. This is most beneficial for businesses with a shop front like bars and restaurants, or for local tradesmen like plumbers and builders. 72% of users who conduct a local search will visit a store within 5 miles*, and therefore it is key that the right users are targeted. As a guide to the potential search traffic, I have provided some search volumes for local terms below:

Keyword Searches
Builders Dorset 100
Law Firms Dorset 250
Hotels Dorset 1,900
Plumbers Dorset 100
Restaurants Dorset 300
SEO Dorset 400


With the world of SEO E Commerce sites are both the most challenging, but also the most rewarding projects to work on. The challenges come from E Commerce sites having thousands of pages, complex URL structures, and high levels of competition, but the rewards come from a very clear ROI, and when SEO is successful for E Commerce, it generates very high levels of revenue, as well as building a very significant customer base for the retail business.


We pride ourselves on the teams we have built within our offices in the centre of Bournemouth. Our SEO including the full copywirting services is all carried out in house. With very clear campaign and process structures that every employee is required to adhere to. All of this allows us very high levels of quality control, making us one of the strongest and most successful SEO agencies in Dorset.


As mentioned in the introduction, we can offer a free SEO analysis as well as a free face to face consultation, the analysis includes:

  • Website structure
  • Site speed
  • Content analysis
  • Link analysis
  • Social analysis

This data is also compared with your closest competitors, and will give you a clear view on the level of potential success you will be able to achieve through SEO.

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“All SEO services are conducted in house, copy writing is also provided”


seo jobs available in dorset

We are always on the look out for new SEO experts to join our rapidly expanding team in Bournemouth. We have highly experienced SEO professionals that can also provide training to any enthusiastic beginners. Simply contact us to inquire about available positions.

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