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Once your website is up and running, you need to attract as many visitors as possible. This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) becomes essential. Search Engine Optimisation (also known as Search Marketing), is the process of fine tuning your website content to make sure that it is getting ranked as high as possible in search engine results from the likes of Google or Yahoo – which in turn, will result in more visitors to your site and more customers to your business.

what is seo?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. With millions of businesses on the web, you may have hundreds or thousands of rival businesses within your field, these may all be competing with you to gain that search engine click to your website from a potential client.

SEO is the art of applying the knowledge and understanding of what the search engines are looking for, in order to rank your site higher than your rivals within their results.

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why would a business require seo services?

Marketing your website online is a key element to business success, millions of businesses use this is their main or only marketing channel.

Gaining traffic through search engines is the No 1 source of website traffic. Driving on average 51% of traffic, across all online marketing channels.

With 78% of UK adults now on the internet every day* and 92% of those using search engines* there is potentially a constant stream of new customers that can come from internet search engines.

The top 3 natural positions in Google search get approximately 50% of search engine customers to their websites*. With professional SEO, you can obtain one of these coveted positions for your business which can be an incredibly valuable place to be.

An initial SEO analysis of your opportunities and competition will provide you with the data you need to establish whether SEO is the ideal marketing channel for you.

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Campaign elements that every SEO company should provide

keyword research

An absolute essential at the beginning of every SEO campaign. Keyword research will establish the target terms that are ideal for your business to rank for within search engines. the key points are that these terms must:

  • Be highly relevant to the business
  • Have a good volume of searches carried out by users in search engines
  • Have a reasonable level of competition to ensure the term is achievable

A lot of work goes into targeting every term, so to ensure complete campaign efficiency and optimal result, quality keyword research should always be the start point of any good campaign.

Website Optimisation

The structure of your website as a whole can ensure that you allow search engines to easily find, understand and rank your pages correctly. We also offer services to help you build a website. The overall website quality has become an increasingly important factor over the past few years. Based on these reasons, there is some key elements to be carried out early in any campaign, for example:

  • Responsive web design
  • Improved site speed
  • Meta Data structure
  • URL structure
  • Internal linking structure
  • Search engine indexation
  • and more

content optimisation

Over recent years, content has become the No1 ranking factor. For optimal SEO, content should:

  • Be unique to your site
  • Have a minimal amount of duplication within your site
  • Provide added value i.e. deliver information that no one has yet discussed on the web
  • Be full and detailed
  • Hold a users attention
  • Allow search engines to easily understand the topic

This is just a few points on how content should be structured to allow your website pages to rank high within search engines.

website tracking and analysis

The biggest benefit of online marketing should be that it is highly measurable, and therefore the most effective form of marketing for measuring ROI. To measure this analytics tracking would always need to be set up on your website. The most popular of these is Google analytics, due to its accuracy and high levels of detail. When tracking website analytics some key elements you should record and have reports on are:

  • Bounce rate
  • Traffic sources
  • Conversion goals
  • ROI (where measurable)

e commerce seo

Due to the average volume of pages with an E Commerce website being vastly greater than many forms of website, E Commerce SEO is both the most complex, but can also be the most lucrative type of SEO, when done right.

Unfortunately most E Commerce website make a multitude of critical errors. Normally as a result of the difficulty of selling hundreds or thousands of products online, and creating unique and detailed product descriptions for every one of these. But any E Commerce site that gets the structure and the content within the site is built for effective SEO, will have a huge advantage over their competitors.

face to face consultancy for your seo in bournemouth

Rather than communicate via E-mail with a company half way across the world to source your SEO, Bournemouth is where our head office we are based, we would be happy to provide a free face to face consultation in our Bournemouth office regarding your SEO services. We could even come to you. We will give you a report on how we could benefit your business within the search engines.

local seo

This is commonly for businesses that have a physical location that customers would visit like Hotels and restaurants, or businesses that visit customers within a service area like builders and plumbers. When local SEO is relevant there is a slight change in strategy to standard SEO, putting more emphasis on Google+ business pages, other business listings and local landing pages, there is a large volume of traffic that can be gained from local SEO and a few example monthly search volumes within Google include:

Keyword Searches
Builders Bournemouth 110
Estate Agents Bournemouth 1000
Hotels Bournemouth 5400
Plumbers Bournemouth 140
Restaurants Bournemouth 1600
SEO Bournemouth 260

With an SEO campaign it is always worth considering that these are also only single terms and there will be vastly more searches based around associated terms.

supporting marketing services

While SEO can be a highly effective source of traffic alone, combining this with other forms of online marketing can give you a huge amount of exposure to potential customers and deliver incredible results.

pay per click

A couple of ways these can combine are:

  • Keywords with a high conversion rate can be identified quickly through PPC and passed to SEO team to optimise.
  • Landing pages can be built for both SEO and PPC purposes, doubling the effectiveness of putting time into content and design.

social media marketing

A couple of ways these can combine are:

  • Optimising your social media profiles and posts, and building a better audience on social media, can support your SEO and drive rankings up further.
  • Content can be built for both driving SEO and Social Media traffic, doubling the effectiveness of putting time into content and design.

email marketing

A couple of ways these can combine are:

  • SEO landing pages, can be built to drive traffic that complete sign ups to your website, this will in turn allow you to build an effective list for Email Marketing.
  • Content can be built for both driving SEO and Email marketing, doubling the effectiveness of putting time into content and design.

“All SEO services are conducted in house, copy writing is also provided.”

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