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Whether it is enhancing your rankings via earned link building, revamping your local SEO strategy, keyword research, generating engaging content, or conversion rate optimisation, we have the know-how to rank your business in Manchester. Our many years in this sector have made us the pros that we are.

what is the value of local seo to your business?

As a local business owner, you might get the misplaced opinion that it is pointless to invest time and money in developing your Google presence. That is entirely untrue. Both Google and the local market recognizes the essence of ranking for local searches. “Near me” searches have become a trend and you might want to take advantage of them.

  • 46% of Google searches are focused on local information – Nectafy
  • 78% of local searches lead to an offline purchase – SEO Tribunal

Local is vital as it leads to creation of an online visibility. With increased visibility, your business will get more traffic which can be converted to customers, enhancing your sales. Furthermore, content marketing is the surest way to improve your relevance.

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what does manchester seo consist of?

Similar to regular search engine optimisation, Manchester SEO entails a series of strategies and actions where the end goal is to better your visibility. The bottom line here is that the people close to you can easily reach you when they conduct a particular search.

Whereas some people might feel it is complicated, the process is an easy one for an experienced eye. All that is required is to appeal to your consumers in the appropriate manner while remaining focused on being found by search engines.

Just as the name alludes, local SEO entails attracting customers within the city of Manchester. It is a powerful resource that local businesses can utilize to rank higher for searches from their local area. The following is a breakdown of all that is involved in Manchester SEO:

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technical seo

Search engines often rank higher websites that keep in mind certain technical aspects. For instance, a site that offers a secure connection, has fast load times, and a responsive design will be preferred over one without. Technical SEO is the exact work that you have to execute to get this preferential treatment. There is a checklist of important steps which guarantee your technical SEO is up to standards:

  • Use SSL
  • Make Your Website Mobile Friendly
  • Speed Up Your Site
  • Deal With Duplicate Content Issues

on-page seo

With regards to on-page SEO, you may have been told countless times of the need to work on your meta tags and keyword density. This is true, but there is more than meets the eye. On-page SEO entails optimising individual website pages so that they gain more traffic from Google. It considers all key elements of the webpage. When these re combined, they help the webpage earn higher ranking from Google. Some of the aspect in question include:

  • Keywords
  • Header Tags
  • Internal Linkage
  • Quality Content

link building

Every serious marketer understands the relevance of quality links in local search engine optimisation. When another website links to you, it informs the search engine that the site trusts you, hence you can be recommended to other users. These link have to be of high quality in order to get the kind of trust desired.

The most effective way to building links is by creating great content. You can have all types of content, from infographics to videos and blogs. With such content, you give other sites incentive to go through your information and even link to it when they are impressed.

user experience

Local SEO is not just all about technical aspects and forgetting that the end goal of your actions is to be found by users. Once the target audience manages to reach you, their experience on the site will determine whether or not the site will continue to rank higher. How they behave on the site informs Google of their satisfaction level.

The click-through rate is one behaviour that Google closely analyses. It refers to the rate at which the link to your site is clicked in comparison to the number of people who had the chance to click it. If it is high, it shows that users have had a good experience with your site and Google will let others know about you.

content writing

An important part of any SEO strategy is to ensure that you craft great content which can be used to keep readers on your site for longer. When a reader stays on your site for an extended period, it shows that they have found what they were looking for. This in turn raises your credibility. A key factor to put into consideration when crafting content for your site is to eradicate duplication. Most plagiarised work never gets ranked.


Keywords are the terms that the average online visitor uses while looking for products. For instance, if they want kettles from Manchester, they might type “kettles Manchester”. This query returns a list of all sites where they can purchase kettles in the city. If your local SEO strategy is effective, you will be among the first merchants that the potential buyer sees. Detailed keyword research will come in handy in ensuring that you are executing the right SEO strategy.

google my business

Google My Business is an integral part of local SEO that not so many enterprises are using. To help people find your business for the first time, you might want to update the My Business listing. Thus, make sure that you claim your listing. The best way to improve your My Business rankings is to become a verified owner.

Once the listing is claimed, add top quality photos. The essence of imagery is to grab the attention of the people looking for your products and services. A listing that does not have an image is less likely to be clicked in comparison to the latter. Get more customer reviews to boost your My Business profile.

Keyword                                                                                Searches

Builders Manchester                                                               870

Hotels Manchester                                                                  22000

SEO Manchester                                                                     5000

Law Firms Manchester                                                           820

google maps seo

Google endeavours to give businesses as much visibility as possible. As part of this effort, the search engine giant has introduced Google Maps as part of an SEO strategy. Getting featured on Google Maps may be the shortest pathway to earning higher ranks on SERPS. That’s because 31% of searchers often click on Maps while the other percentage is shared by organic search results and paid ads.

Thus, instead of trying too hard to get ranked based on organic SERPS, you might consider ways to explore the potential provided by Google Maps. One of the ways to do so is to submit your business to directories. Consider major local directories like Local.com, iBegin, Yelp, and Superpages.

harmonised seo services

As you might have realized by now, local SEO is a diverse process. There is no one single action that can be said to be more effective at giving you the much desired exposure. Having to move from one consultant to another for these services can be quite a tedious task. To protect you from such hassles, edirect harmonises all the SEO Bournemouth Services under one roof.

our seo procedure

As a professional SEO Services in Chichester, we do not just get started with your project without a plan. We have an established process which we have refined over the years and use it in executing your Chichester SEO needs. Our process undergoes regular updates in order to keep up with industry trends. A key trend to consider is the adjustments to Google Search Algorithm. We are sure to adopt mechanisms that will be in line with all the new additions and deductions.

Our SEO process is as enumerated:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competition Analysis
  • SEO Audit
  • On-Page SEO Optimisation
  • Off-Page SEO Optimisation
  • Link-Building
  • Content Quality
  • Measure Results

“We have an established SEO process which we have refined over the years and use it in executing your Manchester SEO needs.”

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edirect has the right team to provide professional and effective SEO Basingstoke Services. Our vast experience in this area has allowed us service clients from different niches. We understand that the best way to meet your needs is to work hand in hand with you. That is why we will allocate an account manager to your project who becomes your point of contact with the rest of the SEO team.

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