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edirect have been providing SEO services to companies in the south of the UK for the past 14 years. Recently we have begun to establish an SEO client base in the Greater London area.

why would a business require seo services?

The rise of the web, and societies reliance upon it, has ultimately changed the face of business marketing over the past 5 years. Of course the old forms of marketing still have their place however, for most business sectors, online marketing that creates website leads and sales is now the most effective form of marketing. For example:

  • For businesses in travel and tourism – Search is the starting point for 60% of travellers*
  • For businesses in retail – 49% of consumers use organic search to find retailers*

This is just a couple of examples and an initial SEO analysis of your opportunities and competition will provide you with the data you need to establish whether SEO is the ideal marketing channel for you.

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what will an seo company provide?

While SEO has grown in its popularity over recent years, we still speak with many Marketing Directors and Managing Directors, who are still unsure of its process, purpose, and quantifiable ROI.

While the concept of these is too much to explain in one article, edirect and our staff do pride ourselves on ensuring we make our SEO service as transparent as possible, and over the course of several months of working with any company who are interested in understanding SEO, we have always been able to educate our clients to a clear level of understanding.

To begin with, below are some of the key elements that any good SEO company should provide within your campaign.

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keyword research

The key essential starting point to any SEO campaign. Research must be carried out to ensure there is a clear list of terms that the business should rank for in the search engines, while this process takes in to account many factors, the key points are that these terms must:

  • Be highly relevant to the business
  • Have a good volume of searches carried out by users in search engines
  • Have a reasonable level of competition to ensure the term is achievable

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website optimisation

Unless your site was developed by an impressively forward thinking web design company, it is very common that during any SEO campaign there will several aspects of the development that can be improved to enhance search rankings, for example:

  • Responsive web design
  • Improved site speed
  • Meta Data structure
  • URL structure
  • Internal linking structure
  • and more

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content optimisation

Recent changes within Google’s ranking algorithms have meant that content quality is now more critical than ever before. This means more than just ensuring that the content within your site is interesting and educational. There is also a high importance in ensuring that every page performing in search, so content must be matched to keyword research and well optimised.

website promotion

Within the concept of modern day SEO, building the presence of a company on the web has changed a great deal. It is no longer the case that a simple link building campaign where you add links in blogs, forums, and article syndicates really helps your search rankings in any influential way, and if done badly can actually hurt the rankings of your website. It is now key that your business is promoted across the web in a professional and strategic way, ensuring sites that link to you are reputable and relevant to your industry. A good SEO campaign, should be able to identify these sites and create a structured method of obtaining mentions and links for your business.

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seo consultancy

While the most common SEO service provided, is a full service, where all work is carried out by the SEO agency. There are many situations where the full service is not required by the client as many of the work aspects can be taken on by them in house. In these circumstances, an SEO agency should be able to provide the necessary advice required to ensure the client has a clear direction on content, promotion, website structure and optimisation.

conversion rate optimisation

Understanding the performance of your marketing campaigns is essential. We use analytics software that is connected to your site, a must to ensure this is possible. Google analytics is the most commonly used. On the Google site it is explained as:

“Digital analytics is the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from your business and the competition to drive a continual improvement of the online experience that your customers and potential customers have which translates to your desired outcomes (both online and offline).”*

Understanding these metrics allows your SEO campaign to become continually more successful and gain better conversion rates.

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local seo

For business that have a location such as restaurants, hotels and retail stores, or those that service a local area such as builders, plumbers and electricians, a local SEO service can be hugely beneficial. This should be treated in a slightly different way to standard SEO, using Google maps listings, and local landing pages to drive visitors from a required location. This can be very powerful across the London area, a few example monthly search volumes include:

Keyword Searches
Builders London 880
Law Firms London 720
Hotels London 22200
Plumbers London 880
Restaurants London 5400
SEO London 4400


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e commerce seo

Commonly SEO is one of the key marketing avenues for all E Commerce stores. Due to the volume of pages on most E Commerce sites, they have a huge potential to benefit from search rankings driving a large amount of E Commerce sales, however most E Commerce stores make a number of critical mistakes, resulting in poor rankings. So professional SEO services can ensure these mistakes are not made. Much of the work on E Commerce stores is very labour intensive, edirect have built an extensive and expert team to ensure work on E Commerce SEO can be delivered to a great level of quality and efficiency.

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all seo services carried out in the uk

edirect on principle ensure that all SEO services are carried out in house in our UK offices, this allows us to exercise very high levels of quality control, and also ensures that communication levels are optimal. We have experts on hand in numerous fields including, SEO, PPC, CRO, Social media. With certifications in Adwords and Analytics.

the seo software used by edirect

During the course of any SEO campaign, it is essential that we are supported by multiple software programmes that allow us to complete complex tasks at speed and scale. These programmes provide us with the required data and our SEO experts have the understanding to analyse this data in detail.

  • Market Samurai – Keyword research & competition analysis
  • Google Keyword planner – Keyword research
  • Google analytics – User analysis
  • Google webmaster tools – Search analysis
  • Visual website optimiser – heat map analysis
  • Majestic SEO – Link analysis
  • Copyscape – Duplicated content analysis
  • Grammerly – Professional Proof reading software
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast – WordPress optimisation
  • Web CEO – Rank tracking and Reporting

“all seo services are conducted in house, copy writing is also provided.”

seo pricing

Through our experience we know that every SEO job is different. This is based on the starting position, the target niche, the target audience and the competition. As a result we will always fully analyse these points prior to pricing each job, we will always ensure that clients are aware of expected results based on budget.

seo jobs available

We are always searching for new talent to join our SEO department. We are a rapidly expanding company, and we have highly skilled SEO professionals, that are able to provide high levels of training to new staff.

free seo site analysis

For any business owner that is unsure whether their web presence requires SEO work to improve the rankings of their site, we are happy to provide a free analysis, the analysis will include:

  • Website structure
  • Site speed
  • Content analysis
  • Link analysis
  • Social analysis
  • and more

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