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Are you a retailer? If so, you can use Shopping campaigns to really get your product out there. Promote your online and local inventory, increase traffic to your website or local store and as a result, locate stronger leads.

Sell your products to the shoppers who matter most to you, the ones who are searching for what you are offering regardless of where they are. Best of all, you only pay when a potential customer clicks through to your website or views your local inventory.

Shopping ads are much more than just plain text ads. Users get to see a photo of your product, a title, price, even the name of your store.

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“Sell your products to the shoppers who matter most to you”

Shopping ads can appear on Google/Bing Search, Images, YouTube and many more when people are searching for the amazing product you sell.

Using your existing Merchant Centre product data, Google decides where and how to show your Shopping ads. The product data submitted by you through Merchant Centre has all the details about the product you sell. These details are then used by Google when matching a user’s search to your ads, making sure they see the most relevant product.

For shopping campaigns, you can also create TrueView’s which make video ads interactive by connecting viewers directly to your products and providing information that brings you closer to getting a sale.

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