The Google Search Network, put simply, is a network of websites and apps where your ads can appear. When you advertise on the Google Search Network and someone searches with terms related to the keywords you have selected, your ad is eligible to show near those results.

Where can Google Search Network Ads appear?

Your ads can appear anywhere in the extensive network. Google search results is the most commonly used but there are Search Partners that work with Google to show ads too, which dramatically expands your reach.

Google Search sites:

Your ads have potential to appear both above or below organic search results on Google Search. On Google Play, Google Shopping and Google Maps, they can display beside, above or below search results. This includes the Maps app too, meaning that you can reach your audience while they’re on the go.

Google Search Partners

For text-based adverts, your ad can appear with search results on hundreds of non-Google websites, Google Video and other Google sites. Not only that, but partnered websites that display and link to products for sale can show your Product Shopping ads.

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Search with Display Expansion

The “Search Network with Display Expansion” is a combination of Search Network and Display Network AdWords campaign types. With this campaign type your ads can show with search results on the Search Network, as well as in relevant placements within the Display Network. This campaign can help grow your audience and help reach potential customers early on in the buying cycle.

This type of campaign is set up similar to a Search Network campaign; budget, relevant keywords, ads & bids. However, ads are shown selectively on the Display Network & bidding is automated; this is to help reach people who are most likely to be interested in what is being advertised. Your ads will show primarily on the Search Network and will show on the Display Network if there is room in the budget.

Ad Extensions

Extensions expand your ads with additional information and typically increase an ad’s click-through rate. Extensions include: call buttons, location information, sitelinks to specific areas of the website, price links and more. Google Ads selects which extensions to show on your ad based on each individual search made on Google. By adding more content to the ads, extensions can give ads greater visibility on the search results page. Extensions often increase your clicks and can give customers interactive ways of reaching you, such as with a call extension. It is also worth mentioning that these extensions come at no additional cost to campaigns, and you are still only charged when someone clicks on your ad or the actual extension.

Call-Only Ads

Available only on the Search Network, ‘Call-Only’ ads are designed for mobile devices to encourage customers to call your business. When a potential customer clicks your ad, the ad then places a call directly to you from their device. By using these types of ads, you can also use call reporting to measure the performance of your call extension or call-only ad, meaning you can see details of your calls and count them as conversions (how many calls have been made from the ad).

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