application marketing

Get your app into the palms of more paying users by taking advantage of Application marketing.

Universal app campaigns are streamlined and simple to set up, making it easy to promote your apps to the right users across the Search Network, Google Play, YouTube and the Display Network.

Here are some examples of places where your ads can appear:

  • Google Search
  • Google Search Partners
  • Google Play search results
  • Google Play related apps section: “You might also like” and “Related to this app”
  • Google Play home page: “Suggested for you”

awards &

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Google shows your ads to those who search for apps and terms that are related to your app. Likewise, they can also show people who visit the details page of an application that’s similar to your app.

Google display network

  • Gmail
  • Other apps
  • Mobile websites of news sites, blogs, and other sites across the internet


  • Relevant pages or content of YouTube.

Google Ads shows your ads on YouTube where they have the most potential to be interacted with and your app is most likely to be downloaded.

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