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edirect is a leading SEO agency in Portsmouth with the goal of marketing your business in this area. If you are within Portsmouth and are looking for top-rated SEO services, you just found it! We are meticulous in our efforts, and this has enabled us to help dozens of businesses appear on the first page of search engine results.

how long does seo take to yield a return on investment?

Since SEO aims at generating organic visits to your website, you can expect to start receiving a return on investment as soon as the project is completed. Some of the immediate results from SEO include an overall improvement in the site structure, increased website speed, and enhanced user experience.

Even though we cannot promise you’ll be number one for your chosen industry, we are committed to ranking you on the first page of Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs. Doing so increases your site’s click rate.

  • 50% of local searches on smartphones look for local services
  • 78% of local searches lead to an offline purchase

More detailed results, like seeing a rapid increase in traffic, tend to take a little longer. However, within a week, you will have started seeing some improvement in the number of people visiting your site. This only gets better as time goes by, and your brand visibility increases.

Our team can have your company ranking in SERPs in no time.

what is our seo process?

SEO can be quite a long process which can yield no results unless deftly executed. While SEO involves many processes, most clients expect to see results straight away. The truth of the matter is that this is not a magical procedure – you have to do all the right things in order to rank.

Do not set your hopes too high. An example would be expecting to take the first spot on Google for the most competitive keywords in extremely competitive industries.

There are no shortcuts in this game. That is why we have developed a plan which we follow to the letter (extenuating circumstances aside). We want you to achieve success; hence we keep on refining our SEO process to reflect industry changes.

Below is the SEO process used by edirect to rank businesses in Portsmouth.

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discovery process

No one understands your business, customers, products, and competitors better than you do. Thus, in as much as you’ve come to us with your SEO needs, we also rely on you for insights concerning your company. This knowledge will help us execute a successful campaign. The research we conduct on your firm is open-minded.

At no point will you see us make assumptions about your operations. The baseline of the research is to get all the facts right. Among the things we are interested in is the “About us” information, the kind of products you sell, and the nature of the competition in your industry. We’ll also need to know about your vision and mission.

There are various ways in which we execute the discovery process, including:

  • Questionnaires
  • Strategy Meetings
  • Industry Research
  • And More!

technical audit

Once we know who you are, the next step is a technical audit which does not necessarily involve you. At this juncture, our interest is to explore the site’s current position SEO-wise. This kind of audit considers all onsite elements which would impact SEO performance. If there is one thing you have done correctly, we will be sure to complement it and enhance where necessary.

Some of the clients we have worked with often get frustrated when they see us taking longer than usual to complete an audit. The truth of the matter is that this process has to be done carefully or else later stages could be negatively impacted.

The technical audit looks at:

  • Current Website Speed
  • The Use of Keywords
  • General Site Structure

technical seo

There is a lot that goes into technical SEO. Activities include looking at index status, crawl budget, sitemaps, internal links, redirects, site speed, https, amp, and crawl errors. Deciding to fix one on the list and leave out the rest will not change anything. At edirect, we look at each one of them step by step, fixing errors as we go.

The goal is to have everything working in tandem. It is similar to building a house. If all the elements like walls, plumbing and electrical are not considered as a whole, then you will end up with a shell and not a house.

keyword research

A central part of your SEO process is the use of terms which define you as a business. These terms have to do with the manner in which people search for products in your industry, the things they are looking for, and the operation of search engines with regards to keywords.

We cover all of these elements in our SEO process. edirect focusses on optimising your content to highlight high-value keywords so as to place you in front of potential clients. If a simple Google search fails to show your business for a particular, relevant query, customers will have a harder time finding your website.

location demographics

Location is an important part of your Portsmouth SEO process. Similar to having knowledge of your buyers, you need to be aware of how the local market searches for businesses within Portsmouth, and who they are. This means that you have to maintain a list of their names, phone numbers, and addresses.

As we execute local SEO for your business, we will claim and optimise the firm’s Google My Business index. Google is known to reward websites that are optimised on the basis of distance, relevance, and prominence. Make your business relevant to Portsmouth searches in order to receive your fair share of the reward.

content strategy

Every business that wishes to outperform the competition must have a content strategy. As we work on your site, we will develop foundational content, FAQ content, and authoritative content. Foundational content is the key content that targets your keywords and topics. The idea here is to create content which talks about your services or products, and this must feature all the keywords in question.

FAQ content entails responding to everyday questions that your customers face. Authoritative content is a way of informing your clients that you are an expert in the matters at hand.

content writing and editing

As we execute business’ SEO plan, we’ll reach a point where content is required. Some clients prefer to develop their own content while others choose to entrust this to our skilled copywriters. We are cool with either approach but prefer to take charge of creating the content as this allows us to harmonise the whole SEO process.

Whoever provides the content, it must be optimised to unlock the full potential. We take a look at your audience while keeping in mind SEO best practices. Since we want the user to stay on your site for as long as possible, we write content in a way that engages them.

Doing so has the added benefit of encouraging site visitors to share your content with their friends and family. Google takes notice of this, indexing your content and adjusting your rankings accordingly.

seo stats

Stats table demonstrating the importance of SEO:

Fact                                                                                                                             Source

67,000 searches are conducted every second                                                            Bright Local

93% of online experience involves a search engine                                                    Hub Spot

80% of users do not click on paid ads                                                                         99Firms

50% of local searches seek for business information                                                SEO Tribunal

96% of PC owners execute a local search                                                                   Bright Local


One important fact to keep in mind is that no SEO agency can claim to control Google or all the search engines around. Any that claims to do so is a fraud, and you should be careful when dealing with them. What is important, though, which is what we do at edirect, is to understand how the various search engine algorithms work and adapt to whatever rules are in play.

Besides just accurately following the points discussed above, we provide a great website experience so that you can rank well on SERPs. Our aim is for you to get organic traffic that is easy to convert. The beauty of organic traffic is that it relates to people who are actively searching for terms related to your company. They’ve already displayed an active interest in what you’re selling, making them easier to convert.

harmonised portsmouth seo services

edirect operates on the principle that clients ought to get everything they need in-house. When you come to us, you can be sure that you won’t have to look elsewhere for additional SEO services. We have experts that provide all that you need under one roof. Whether its social media strategy, CRO, SEO, PPC, or something else entirely.

preferred seo software

Human-touch in the SEO process is important. This ensures that the kind of approach you have taken resonates with fellow humans. However, given that SEO also involves search engines, which are essentially programs, we use software that simplifies the process and enhances the accuracy of the results obtained.

The following are the standard tools that edirect uses:

  • Grammarly
  • Copyscape
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Keywords Planner
  • Web CEO
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Market Samurai

“As the leading SEO agency in Portsmouth, we endeavour to also put you on the map so that your clients and potential leads can easily find you.”

why choose edirect

We have one of the most comprehensive SEO processes which undergoes continuous development to rank you higher. We seek at making SEO your GPS so that you can get to exactly where you want to be. To achieve the end goal, you must go through the process, and that is exactly what we are offering.

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benefits of choosing edirect

Choose us to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Great content to engage your audience
  • A website restructured to follow Google policies
  • Organic traffic that can be easily converted
  • Timely delivery of your project
  • Reasonable pricing

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