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UCA is an alliance consisting of some of the largest movie studios in the industry from Universal Studios to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The purpose of this alliance is to forge trading relationships with UK high-street retailers providing them with direct access to titles from four of the UK’s leading movie studios. In addition, the UCA also provides leading retailers, including WHSmith, Boots and Matalan with direct access to two of the largest music labels in the industry.

the brief

Every year, UCA are given the responsibility of promoting their partner’s products from DVDs to Blu-Rays and CDs. These products are marketed towards key customers across the UK retail industry including Tesco, HMV and Asda. Each year, edirect has assisted UCA by developing brochures and presentations that help facilitate overcoming the challenges faced by their marketing team.

Furthermore, edirect has always played an active role in collaborating with Universal’s marketing and technical teams to assist in delivering designs, artwork and print. These are used for the outer ‘O Rings’ and DVD sleeves of single, double and also triple box sets of their most popular films.

UCA recently came to us to request that we tender the design of their quarterly marketing to give it a fresh look and feel. This is a service that we were happy to provide and should you require the same, all you need to do is give edirect a call on 01202 798777.

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scope of project

Branding & Graphics

bespoke marketing materials

the challenge

Before approaching edirect, UCA would routinely use Microsoft PowerPoint as part of their quarterly marketing strategy. As you would expect, PowerPoint lacks the creative flair that is required to achieve the necessary impact. As a result, we were asked to design their quarterly campaigns, which from our point of view was a leave behind brochure and a follow-up email.

The idea was to assist their Sales Managers who, as mentioned before, relied heavily on Microsoft PowerPoint for their quarterly marketing campaigns. They wanted to come across as more professional as they felt this would help them to clinch more deals, including those deemed more prestigious. Of course, the challenge that we faced was keeping the campaigns both fresh and relevant in order to stand out from the competition.

We wanted to avoid marketing materials which appeared dull and outdated as these would fail to resonate with the target audience.

the outcome

Edirect worked long and hard to devise a solution that would achieve the best possible outcome for our client. We’re all too aware of how difficult it can be to stand out in an industry that is saturated with competition. To ensure that campaigns remained fresh and up-to-date, we decided to utilise colour throughout the seasons.

The idea behind utilising certain colours made complete sense from a psychological standpoint. It is not uncommon for certain colours or combinations to create a specific mood or atmosphere. While not an exact science, colour signals can, in theory, convey an online message that is far stronger than if other colours or no colour was used.

We created marketing materials which were bespoke to the client’s specific needs, and delivered on schedule and in-line with their available budget. We worked closely with UCA from the outset to ensure that their specifications were followed closely and that all materials produced lived up to their expectations. You can find out specifics related to the project by taking a look at some of the stats that we have enclosed below.

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