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Tesco are a large British multination groceries and general merchandise retailer that was first founded back in 1919. Today, Tesco stands as the third-largest retailer worldwide (measured by gross revenues). In the beginning, Tesco started as a grocer that dealt exclusively in the supply of food and drink. However, over the years, Tesco have diversified their services and today offer a staggering range of products from books, clothing and furniture to petrol, internet services and toys.

the brief

A short while ago, edirect were approached by Tesco who felt that their own toy brand had become tired looking and no longer relevant in today’s modern world. What they wanted from us were services intended to refresh and revitalise their toy brands through a series of well-executed marketing campaigns and products.

At edirect, we were all too happy to take on this challenge as it provided an excellent opportunity for us to work closely with such a high-profile client.

Of course, we welcome any request of any size, so if you’re looking for similar services, give edirect a call today on 01202 798777 to see how we can help.

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scope of project

Graphic Design

from concept to completion

the challenge

When first approaching this particular project, it didn’t take us long to realise what our main obstacle would be. The sheer scale of the project would necessitate a lot in the way of man hours and would require a substantial amount of resources to pull off. Despite the enormity of the project, we succeeded in fulfilling and even exceeding the client’s expectations of us.

the outcome

To overcome the issue mentioned above, we adopted a systematic approach which started with us carefully researching what the best approach would be. Next, we developed strategic ideas that would enable us to take the project from concept to completion and also took a methodical approach to the designs and guidelines of the project.

We developed a comprehensive consumer research programme that became the platform for the creative positioning and brief. Edirect went on to design a range of nine sub-brands which are consistent in layout, but also exude their own individual personality and style. Once these sub-brands had been created, we devised a set of brand and packaging guidelines for artwork agencies in order to ensure consistency across the board.

Following completion of the brand and packaging guidelines, Tesco tasked edirect with taking high-resolution photographs of all their new products throughout the various ranges. These photographs were to be used on their new packaging, which we were asked to design along with artwork relevant to the newly revitalised brand.

We worked closely with Tesco throughout the project and all work was completed on schedule and in-line with the budget that they had set aside. Upon completion, the newly branded products and marketing materials were entered into circulation. At the time of writing this case study, we’re happy to confirm that continuity on the shelf and throughout the whole Tesco-own toy range has been established and maintained in-line with the client’s original brief.

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