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For this particular project, we were approached by none other than Lord Shaftesbury himself to create not one, but two fantastic websites. The websites were for St Giles House and Shaftesbury Estates respectively and were built in WordPress by our skilled web design team. As a company, we were honoured to not only be chosen by but to have the opportunity to work with Lord Shaftesbury on these exciting projects.

St Giles House is a gorgeous Georgian house with a rich history that stretches back 400 years. Throughout the centuries, it has sat very much at the heart of politics, philosophy and social thought. Today, it is a venue chosen for its prestige for weddings, events, private hire, and accommodation.

Shaftesbury Estates is the home of the Earls of Shaftesbury and consists of roughly 50 residential dwellings and several commercial properties. As well as being home to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Shaftesbury Estates also boasts many areas of ecological and archaeological interest. The estates offer commercial shooting, fly fishing, a trout farm, forestry, and agriculture.

the brief

Lord Shaftesbury approached us with a specific request. He wanted us to build him two stunning websites that reflected the resounding beauty of this gorgeous location. The websites were to be image heavy to really convey the splendour and variety of what is on offer. Lord Shaftesbury wanted us to showcase the wondrous qualities of the location and, in particular, why it’s an excellent choice for events and weddings.

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scope of project

Web Design and Development

improving user-journey

the challenge

Our web design team were fortunate enough to not face many challenges during the production of the two websites. The only real challenge they faced was the lack of content present as the original website was quite a small site. Aside from this, the website itself was built and delivered on time without any issues.

Our team worked closely with Lord Shaftesbury throughout, ensuring a smooth process.

the solution

In order to address the lack of content, our team put together additional text in order to make the pages fuller and more impactful. Combined with the eye-catching imagery, the new content now serves to better inform the reader of the many great services offered at St Giles House and Shaftesbury Estates. As we’ve stated already, we worked closely with Lord Shaftesbury from start-to-finish, ensuring that both websites were built to the detailed brand guidelines set out by the client.

Both St Giles House and Shaftesbury Estates’ websites were built using WordPress. We chose WordPress as this platform is both secure and flexible. As well as lending itself to the gorgeous, user-friendly designs, it also serves to help us maintain the security of the website at all times.

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At edirect, we’re pleased to have had this wonderful opportunity to work with someone such as Lord Shaftesbury. We also welcome the opportunity to collaborate with anyone else looking to bring their business’ website into the 21st century. As well as website design, we can also provide clients with a multitude of services too, from copywriting and SEO to graphic design and PPC.

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