Simply Pleasure and Prowler

Simply Pleasure and Prowler are online retailers that specialise in delivering sex toys, underwear, and other intimate products. Both organisations operate as part of the ABS Group and deliver products of the highest quality to all their customers. As each company has grown in recent years, so too have they improved the selection of intimate products that they offer. 

Prowler focuses on items that are targeted at gay men, whereas Simply Pleasure sells products that cater to all sexual preferences. For these companies, it’s essential to have a highly functional website that is inviting for customers and allows them to feel comfortable when browsing. Delivering intimate products of exceptional quality to all customers quickly is essential for both companies.

The Brief

Simply Pleasure and Prowler reached out to us at edirect to have their e-commerce website redesigned. They wanted to make sure that both websites would be straightforward for their customers to navigate, allowing them to browse through products quickly and with ease. It was important for both websites to have clear product categories outlined, as well as drop-down menus so that customers can find what they’re looking for in next to no time. 

It was also crucial for both websites to reflect the fun, laidback, and welcoming image that each company wanted to convey to customers. Having large banners on the website with space for images showing off the various products that are available would be essential. It was also important that the website worked as a smooth and straightforward e-commerce platform for customers, who would be able to purchase items through the website quickly and securely.

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scope of project


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The Challenge

The main challenge that our team faced when working on both websites was the number of bad links that already existed. These links were pointing to both websites and were causing serious indexing issues with Google, which was causing problems for customers who were trying to access the website. This problem would require patience and attention to detail from our meticulous staff. 

Another challenge was that we needed to make sure that both websites were distinct from one another while still taking advantage of the same basic systems. It was vital that each company had a unique website so that those browsing would quickly be able to identify each business’ target market. This task would require new custom graphics and colour schemes to be produced that were suitable for both websites. 

Whenever we face challenges on any of our projects, we work closely with our clients and maintain a strong line of communication so that issues can be resolved quickly. Our team always aims to build long-term relationships with clients to ensure that all parties are on the same page concerning the development of the website. We believe that a collaborative process garners better results, which has proven true over many successful projects. 

The Solution

In the end, our specialists managed to make all the required changes to the Simply Pleasure and Prowler websites, leaving the client wholly satisfied. With regards to the bad links issues, our staff went through all of the links and checked them individually. This thorough process allowed them to identify the bad links and remove them from the website altogether, allowing Google to rank the site in search results once again. Solving this issue made a significant difference in driving more traffic to both websites. 

By working closely with the client and keeping them updated on our progress, we were able to ensure that they were satisfied with the website changes that we were implementing. Our team put together easy-to-use menu systems in place and made sure that the website could handle many large images of products without the site speed being affected. Implementing these changes has led to both websites being highly functional for users and extremely easy to navigate, which was the project priority.

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