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SEAK Global is a digital security company that prioritises the safety of others via technologically-advanced services. They provide personal safety and security risk management services to a variety of clients. The company work with families, governments, corporations and individuals.

With the aim of ensuring safety, SEAK Global have products that possess highly-developed tracking technology. The purpose is to dispel the threat of danger, and with former Special Forces personnel, police and security specialists within the team, the company boasts plenty of experience.

SEAK, which stands for Surveillance, Economic and Academic Knowledge, has been working on their security services for the past seven years.

the brief

The London-based company sought help from edirect with the aim of improving their security platform. We were commissioned to revamp the existing system and build an app for B2C – named Safe – that would help families keep track of their loved ones at all times.

The aim was to ensure that users would know instantly if their family member or friend was safe. The app would be ideal for a situation in which someone is travelling alone, taking a trip to an unfamiliar place, or involved in an emergency situation.

We were also tasked with creating a website for SEAK Global that focused on the company’s core brand while also representing their diverse products.

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scope of project

Web Design, Bespoke, Mobile Apps

Sophisticated, modern app and website

the challenge

In any project, problems will present themselves, particularly when it comes to advanced technology. From our point of view at edirect, we were facing a challenge in creating an app from scratch. In this particular industry, it is imperative to find the balance between privacy and safety.

On top of that, we needed to ensure that we included all of the relevant local information, from hospitals to the nearest police station. This meant that we had the challenge of adding custom locations depending on the user.

In addition to building the app, we also faced challenges in redesigning SEAK Global’s B2B platform named Prism. This system was suited more to companies who wanted to keep their employees safe while travelling for work purposes. We needed to ensure that all the relevant information was accessible and that the tracking technology worked across multiple devices.

With regards to the website, our team at edirect had the challenge of ensuring that all the relevant information was presented in a way that reflected our client’s core values. To combat this, we had to come up with an innovative design that encapsulated SEAK and what they do.

the solution

In order to combat the problems, we managed to build the Safe app that allowed users to inform their loved ones of their safety. The easy-to-use app lets people connect with one another during an emergency situation, such as a dangerous accident or a terrorist attack. Safe works both ways in that users can give their loved ones peace of mind about their own situations, or check on others.

We included contact information and locations for hospitals and police stations nearby, as well as embassies. Also, we implemented security alerts, news alerts and weather information, as well as a locked screen that is used in duress mode.

As for Prism, the redesign of the B2B platform involved work on the tracking element. We ensured that the app worked across numerous devices, including employee phones, as well as on ships, aircrafts and other vehicles.

A section for HR management was also implemented, which included employee data and all information relating to planned journeys. The aim was to ensure that the app could control all company processes in the event of an emergency situation.

As for the website, we designed a platform that represented SEAK’s brand and the services that they provide. We created a sophisticated and modern design which mirrored the company and their ethos. The animated website allowed users to learn with ease what SEAK do and how they can help.

The menu is one of the most important sections of the platform, so we ensured that it was clear and concise in order to create a great user experience. As with all of our websites, SEAK’s is fully mobile and tablet responsive.

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