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Proline Fencing & Decking are a well-established fencing and decking company that has been operating throughout the Hampshire area for over ten years. The company delivers a wide range of landscaping services, including the supply and installation of fencing and decking solutions. The team is also available for landscaping design services, site security improvements, and outbuilding installations.

The Proline team has plenty of experience when it comes to installing a variety of home-exterior improvements, so they are confident in being able to fulfil the needs of all property owners. Certified by several well-respected industry bodies, the company is a reliable local contractor for implementing a broad selection of stunning landscaping solutions.

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The Challenge

The team at Proline reached out to us for SEO and PPC solutions that would help to drive more potential clients to their website and improve their search engine ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). The existing pages on their website were not optimised for SEO content, so they were not ranking well for local searches concerning fencing and decking solutions.

The brief was to provide an effective PPC service that would promote Proline through SERPs to attract new customers. Similarly, we were tasked with producing SEO-optimised content that would improve organic rankings in SERPs. Proline’s existing website was not optimised in this regard, so we would need to make a multitude of changes to the current pages.

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scope of project


Our Solution

To begin with, we set Proline up with a comprehensive PPC campaign that would help to boost traffic to the website immediately. Our staff have the knowledge and experience that’s required to implement effective PPC solutions, so we were able to move forward with a strategy that was perfect for Proline, propping up the services that they were most keen to promote.

At the same time, our SEO team got to work on putting together an effective strategy that would help to increase rankings in SERPs. We worked closely with Proline to come up with a bespoke approach that would allow them to boost traffic to their website and draw attention to their key services. We produced high-quality content and completed various other SEO tasks to ensure ranking improvements.

Project Completion

The completion of the project resulted in traffic to Proline’s website being boosted significantly. PPC services made an immediate impact while giving us a chance to build up organic SERPs rankings through SEO strategy. All of the content that we produced was in line with Proline’s requirements and promoted the services that they were most keen to improve sales within. Overall, the company has seen an uptick in the number of visitors heading to the website.

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We were delighted to provide these services for Proline and would be keen to help you with your online requirements. If you want to have a new website built or are interested in SEO or PPC solutions, reach out to the edirect team today on 01202 798 777.

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