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The National Basketball Association was founded in the United States in 1946 and has become one of the biggest global sports and entertainment brands in history. The NBA is the leading professional sports league on social media with more than 475 million likes and followers from all over the world, including a steadily expanding audience in the United Kingdom as well as Europe.

The Challenge

The National Basketball Association is a household name in the United States. As one of the largest worldwide sports and entertainment brands, the NBA has a huge presence and influence on social media.

The NBA has gained increasing momentum and popularity in Europe, especially in recent years. As part of their expansion, the NBA marketing team needed a way to reach out to all of their contacts in Europe including television channels and other forms of media.

The edirect team suggested the creation of a regular e-mail newsletter with a lifestyle feel that grabs attention through a stylish presentation, while containing information of high interest to all subscribers.

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scope of project

Graphic Design

email newsletter creation

the outcome

NBA Europe reached out to edirect for ideas on how to best increase their presence on this side of the Atlantic. Our web design team suggested the creation of regular e-mail newsletters that will keep subscribers informed on everything important that is happening with the brand.

Due to the popularity and worldwide reach of the NBA brand, these newsletters had to be creatively designed and well-presented in every way. This is to ensure that they maintain the fantastic reputation that the company has built up over the years.

The NBA Europe newsletters created by edirect have been designed to give a magazine and lifestyle feel. They are carefully designed and slickly presented e-mail bulletins that tell the story of the National Basketball Association on this side of the pond.

Since these publications were launched, the NBA Europe marketing team has kept edirect up to date on their impact. The reaction from employees as well as subscribers has been overwhelmingly positive.

Employees of NBA Europe, company partners and fans of the brand alike have complimented the style, content and layout of these newsletters as a fantastic representation of the brand. The newsletters have also been a welcome method for reaching the target audience.

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