NAFFCO is a company that specialises in manufacturing and distributing fire safety equipment to clients throughout the Middle East and India. Based in Dubai, the team at NAFFCO are committed to providing clients with high-quality safety products from firefighting equipment and fire protection systems to addressable emergency systems, security systems and more.

NAFFCO boasts over 10,000 employees including 500 engineers and extensive manufacturing facilities. They currently export to more than 100 countries across the globe supplying products that are fully certified and approved. NAFFCO operates predominantly in the B2B market with their core audience consisting of developers, architects and building project managers.

the brief

A while back, NAFFCO approached edirect and asked us to tender a number of requests intended to build their brand’s reputation. NAFFCO needed a website that would fit in with their professional and corporate brand image while providing easy access to their products for their audience. In addition, they required our marketing expertise to help position the company as an authority across the MENA region.

We worked closely with the team at NAFFCO from start-to-finish. Despite facing numerous challenges, we were able to devise clever and innovative solutions that helped us to overcome these obstacles in a timely fashion. By the end, we had successfully delivered on our promise elevating NAFFCO’s brand image to a whole new level.

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scope of project

Web Design and Development, PPC, SEO

custom cms, mega menu, feed systems, dynamic reporting system

the challenge

Web Design – edirect built a fully bespoke website complete with a customised content management system. The challenge that we faced while developing the website was that all of NAFFCO’s products had to be displayed less than three levels deep. The website also needed to represent their corporate brand accurately as well as the true scale of the business.

SEO – despite NAFFCO’s authority and size, the company had very little search ranking. The goal of the SEO campaign was to make NAFFCO the number one source of fire safety equipment in the Middle East. Given their almost non-existent search ranking, this was to be by no means an easy or quick task to accomplish.

PPC – when approaching NAFFCO’s PPC campaign, we faced similar issues in that NAFFCO had very little search ranking. This would make PPC a key focus area which needed to be improved dramatically to provide the company with the sort of clout they needed to become the industry-leaders.

The biggest challenge was to introduce a dynamic reporting system which the client could be trained to interact with. This would provide them with real-time access to an online dashboard which would display metrics such as search terms, number of clicks, average position, cost and average CPC. Such a dashboard would need to be customisable allowing the client to switch around and switch out modules, thereby, creating a customised dashboard.

With these challenges in mind, our team got straight to work devising solutions which would help us to overcome these obstacles and deliver on each of these services. The task was by no means easy, but you can see precisely what we did below.

the outcome

Web Design – to overcome what was arguably the biggest obstacle of this project, we built a mega menu which had three levels for each product. Our team worked closely with NAFFCO to develop a professional design which represented their corporate image in the best possible light. Details of multiple prestigious projects were added to the site which gave a far better impression of the company’s size. These were all collated into a ‘Projects’ page.

Our web designers also incorporated 3x feed systems, news and events pages and a blog.

SEO – the goal of the SEO campaign was to establish NAFFCO as the leading source of fire safety equipment and information in the Middle East. To that end, our SEO team created a strategy which included content marketing and on-page optimisation. This involved targeting specific keywords, such as ‘fire safety’ and ‘firefighting equipment’ across various territories, including UAE, Oman, Egypt, India, Kuwait and Qatar.

After just one year, we managed to rank NAFFCO on page 1 of Google for over 100 keywords.

PPC – in combination with NAFFCO’s SEO campaign, our PPC team executed a campaign designed to increase the company’s exposure in various countries and territories, including those mentioned above. We targeted the same keywords for the PPC as we did for the SEO campaign. Our PPC specialists built over 100 advert groups and used features such as detailed geo-tracking to achieve the desired results.

All this was boosted using full conversion tracking for calls and forms. Both the SEO and PPC teams liaised with one another throughout the project, thereby, ensuring a successful marketing campaign for the client.

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