meshico restaurant group

The Meshico Restaurant Group encompasses three restaurants – Meshico, Puerto 99, and Tulum. Inspired by Mexico, from its folklores to its traditions, the Meshico Restaurant Group is renowned for producing mouthwatering dishes that offer a contemporary twist on classic culinary techniques. As well as bringing a taste of Mexico to Dubai, the Meshico Restaurant Group also fuels the entertainment scene with its decked out nightclubs and talented in-house DJs.

The Brief

The Meshico Restaurant Group approached edirect a while back with a simple request – create three stunning websites that encapsulate their restaurants/nightclubs perfectly. They asked that the websites showcase a truly incredible standard of design and animation sure to catch the attention of many. The websites needed to be colour-filled and exude a style befitting a group of such excellent repute.

We consulted closely with the client from start-to-finish, listening to their ideas and offering suggestions of our own. Our talented web designers used feedback from the client to further develop the brief, creating early designs for the client’s approval.

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scope of project

Web Design and Development

split in challenge (problems)

Our team encountered several issues during the course of the project. The first problem was devising a way to deliver a user experience that is truly immersive through the use of clever animations and effects. We also wanted to incorporate features such as videos and social media feeds that would allow customers to follow the Meshico Restaurant Group.

Another challenge we faced was to ensure that the site was optimised for all devices and screen sizes. We had to address the technical challenges while making sure everything remained user-friendly.

A pleasure to work with.”
Brightwave Marketing Team

outcome (solution)

At edirect, we welcome projects of all shapes and sizes. Our web designers enjoyed working with the Meshico Restaurant Group. By the end of the project, they’d created three colourful, bold websites that channelled Mexican culture, colours, symbols, and patterns. They incorporated some fantastic photography that really showcases the food and interiors, giving customers a true sense of what to expect.

Implementing the animations was the biggest challenge, but one easily overcome by our web design experts. The animation was based on hover and scroll points which served to bring the site to life. This aspect was done in a way that beautifully reflected the exciting and vibrant atmosphere of the restaurants. Sliders, hover effects, and layering were all used to maximum effect.

The next step was to implement menus that are both easy to use and in keeping with the style and theme of the websites. We worked with the client, ensuring that the menus were accurate and that they were happy with the choice of colours and styles. The menus look snappy, react quickly, and are concealed in a way that makes them easy to locate without being intrusive.

As mentioned above, the client also requested that we incorporate features such as videos, Instagram feeds, SoundCloud (Meshico), eye-catching galleries, and Google Maps on the contact page. These features all serve to increase engagement and provide customers with a myriad of ways to interact with the websites. Customers can look up information, check out images, and hear about the latest news and events all in one place.

Finally, our team cast a technical eye over the websites, making sure that everything is completely user-friendly. They checked shortcuts and call-to-actions, ensuring that everything is clearly laid out in an intuitive fashion. We also took this opportunity to ensure that all three websites are correctly optimised to work across all devices and screen sizes.


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