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Complete Asbestos Solutions (CAS) are a full-service company that provides a wide range of professional asbestos services. This includes asbestos surveys, management, remediation, sampling and bulk analysis, training, and advice. Asbestos is a hazardous material that can lead to serious, even terminal conditions. As such, it must be identified, removed, handled, and disposed of correctly.

The CAS team have years of experience in dealing with various forms of asbestos. They hold a full waste carrier’s licence and so are approved to carry hazardous materials. They offer a FREE consultation and quotation service and are fully insured for your peace of mind. 

We also target our asbestos surveys within Hampshire and Dorset too.

The Challenge

CAS came to us a short time ago to request to have a new website built and to begin SEO to boost organic rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Their existing website was dated and not optimised for what they needed it to do, which was to get them noticed by as many people as possible.

The brief was to replace their old website with a new, cutting-edge WordPress website, which would come loaded with features and vastly improved capabilities. The challenge was to launch this new website while maintaining any rankings they’d already obtained. We also had to get them ranking for a variety of search terms, leveraging the full power of the new website.

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scope of project

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Our Solution

We rebuilt the website from the ground up, using the latest techniques, technologies, and best practices. We gave the look of the site a fresh lick of paint, retaining the familiar look of the old site while giving it a much-needed modernisation. The entire website was built around SEO, fully optimised from the get-go and with the tools and features needed to help propel their SEO campaign forward.

Simultaneously, the SEO team began creating original content, targeting specific keywords to help the business rank in the SERPs, reaching the right audience. Various other SEO tasks were performed in line with the bespoke strategy created for CAS, with the aim of improving their organic rankings.

Project Completion

Upon completion, the new site was launched, and customers will now find it to be far more intuitive and easier to navigate. Services are clearly listed, and the copy has been revamped to tighten its focus, providing the customer with a clear picture of what they do. The overall layout and design are a lot tighter too, thanks to the modernisation the site has undergone.

As for the SEO side of things, the company is now starting to see its rankings beginning to climb. This will translate to more clicks and, in turn, more potential customers landing on the new site.

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We were happy to provide these services for CAS, as we’ve done so for countless other clients.

If you’re interested in having a new site built or signing up for SEO, call edirect today on 01202 798 777.

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