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The Brightwave Group is the leading agency for next generation learning products and services. The agency is known for creating digital learning solutions that focus on specific fulfilment requirements, enabling organisations to enhance their performance. The Brightwave Group’s award winning global learning solutions, products and technology are truly unique on the market.

The Challenge

The marketing team at the Brightwave Group got in touch with edirect because they felt it was time to take their website to the next level. They were looking to modernise the look of the website itself and streamline the content in an effective manner.

Before edirect came on board, the Brightwave Group’s learning management system Tessello had a separate website. The system and the information surrounding it was certainly comprehensive enough to warrant its own page. However, we felt that an all-encompassing website would offer a more streamlined solution that would not confuse any potential service users.

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scope of project

Web Design and Development

A pleasure to work with.”
Brightwave Marketing Team

the outcome

In order to modernise the look of the site and streamline the content in an efficient manner, it became clear that the two websites needed to be brought under one roof. We combined these two pages together into one encompassing site that was much easier to navigate than the original versions.

Our creative team found a design that perfectly complements both of these brands. It was important to the client that one brand doesn’t end up overshadowing the other, so edirect created a layout that gives both of them equal weight.

The older websites had some subpages that were difficult to reach due to an ineffective navigation menu. This was changed by our web design team to ensure that everyone visiting the website would be able to easily reach the page they were looking for.

Additionally, all of these subpages were made more substantial with clear understandable content, which eliminated the need for multiple brochures and downloadable PDF files being presented underneath the text.

Subtle transitions were used in order to enhance the user experience. Additionally, all brand guidelines were closely followed through the use of complementing imagery that ideally suited both brands without one eclipsing the other.

Finally, a brand new “Bright Ideas” page was created to encompass all relevant news, updates, blog posts and guides into one place with a filter system that is easy to use.

Since launching the new combined website, the Brightwave Group has been in touch with edirect regularly to share their experiences. On top of the above testimonial left for us, the marketing team has informed us about the excellent feedback that they have received from within the company as well as their clients.

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