Bouffage Catering’s redesigned website strives to portray the company’s updated and stylish brand image. The website revitalizes the Bouffage brand with a modernized logo, a catchy tagline that captures the essence of the company, and a chic layout. According to popular belief, a business’ website serves as both its storefront and its office, and it only gains recognition after becoming well-known in the community. Similarly, when Google says a website is popular, it is considered popular! As a way to reinforce and give purpose to the website, Bouffage decided to implement Google’s Search Engine Optimization apart from having its website revamped. 

bouffage catering services dubai

Bouffage Catering is leading hospitality and event catering company in Dubai that serves all the seven Emirates of the UAE. With an extensive clientele, Bouffage offers a wide range of catering services in Dubai and is capable of handling all facets of planning and organizing a large-scale event or a small-scale gathering. Bouffage has solutions for everything from trivial parties to private jet catering to large-scale corporate events. With over 25 years of experience, skilled and refined work, professionalism, and customer satisfaction, Bouffage thrives on customer satisfaction and experience.

the brief

Our team of graphic designers designed a new logo, company profile, and an elegant website design for Bouffage Catering as part of their rebranding and website development. Our development team made sure that the site navigation was simple, the interface was intuitive, and the site was responsive. 

In order to convey expertise to their target audience, copywriters and SEOs were briefed to deliver apprehensible, SEO-friendly content. 

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scope of project

thoroughly optimised, ranking, and modern website!

the challenge

While the brief appeared simplistic, a thorough analysis of the competitors was necessary. In addition to complementing each other, the tagline and logo design were needed to express the brand’s message. 

During the development of the website, the responsiveness of the site on different devices, the site speed, and bright and bold yet small images all had to be taken into consideration. 

The content had to be planned and executed from scratch and required competitor analysis. 

Also, the SEO team conducted a thorough analysis of the websites currently ranked by their competitors. An SEO strategy was to be developed, which included choice of titles and descriptions that would be SEO friendly and most importantly, a customized SEO approach. 

the solution and the outcome

From designers to copywriters to developers to SEO, the work hierarchy was divided after multiple meetings. 

After various mock ups, deletions, and recreations of designs and logos, the final logo, company profile, and tagline were designed and soon confirmed by the clients. A high-quality content plan and writing process followed 

In no time, the development team whipped up a compiling process for all assets. The developers worked meticulously on the backend, eliminating any problems that could occur and ensuring that the website was user-friendly and responsive. 

The marketing team then made the necessary adjustments to comply with Google’s algorithms. As part of the SEO guidelines, landing pages have been created and all pages have been optimized. The results have already started to show. 

It may appear to the masses as just a single digital page, but it is the result of the planning and execution of a whole team. 

Bouffage, has been able to gain traffic and is currently ranking on 20+ keywords on Google’s SERP within a span of 3 months! As they say, there is always room for improvement, our marketing team continues to strengthen the SEO for Bouffage. 

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