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Bomb Cosmetics is an Ecommerce website that sells bath bombs and a variety of other cosmetics, ranging from home fragrance to body butter and bubble bath. The company is based in Bournemouth and sells products to both retail (B2C) and trade (B2B) websites.

The company pride themselves on having homemade products, all of which have been crafted by their 250-strong staff. In addition to their stock being truly unique, Bomb Cosmetics have a firm stance on animal testing. Since the business was created, they have never used this method to test their cosmetics, and they vow never to do so.

The range of products up for sale on the Ecommerce website is vast, which opens the door to individual buyers and retailers.

the brief

Bomb Cosmetics contacted our experts at edirect to redesign the front end of their website in the hope of drawing in more customers. With a business that holds a huge number of products, it was imperative to ensure that the look and feel of the site suited its customer base.

On top of that, they asked edirect to install a more reliable server structure and to boost their selling potential in the United States. We were tasked with building a new trade site to help the business launch across the pond.

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scope of project

Web Design and Development

Magento 1 platform, contemporary design

the challenge

Not many will encounter a project that runs without any issues. Here at edirect, we are aware of the obstacles, but our team have the knowledge and expertise to overcome them. We were tasked with working on the Magento 1 platform and redesigning the look of Bomb Cosmetics’ site.

With the website being a crucial part of the company’s business, we had to ensure that it stayed on brand and appealed to the target customer. That presented a significant challenge in itself, as did the need to implement a better server structure.

As for the new trade site, we knew that it would be tough to build a platform that would allow Bomb Cosmetics to stand out in the American market. However, our team went through the process meticulously, step by step, in preparation for the launch.

the solution

Straight away we came up with a clear and defined process to boost the website’s conversion rate with the redesign. It was imperative to maintain the company’s brand with the right colours and fonts, but we also made it more contemporary. In order to keep up with the fast-paced nature of Ecommerce, we made sure that the front end of Bomb Cosmetics’ site was up to date.

To continue boosting the company’s presence in the relevant markets, we ensured that their server structure was much more secure. The new trade site for their customer base in the United States was built in a way that allowed Bomb Cosmetics to expand and introduce themselves in the market overseas.

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