andy rapkins

Andy Rapkins is a photographer that specialises in weddings and has been operating throughout the south of England since 2009. Past jobs have taken him to London, Hampshire, and Surrey to name a few locations, though demand for his work has seen him travel further if required. Over the years, Andy has photographed hundreds of weddings and helped create lasting memories for many couples.

Andy has found plenty of success thanks to his particular style of photography, that being documentary. His vision has allowed his business to grow in recent years, making him a Dorset based photographer that is in high demand.

the brief

For the brief, we at edirect were requested to build a new website for Andy that properly represented the style of his business and professionally portrayed him. The site needed to capture the elegance of his photography while showcasing some of his best work. This approach would make Andy and his work more appealing to those explicitly searching for wedding photographers.

We were also asked to design a new logo for Andy’s business, which would be present on the newly built website. Much like the site, the logo needed to remain minimalistic while still giving clients an instant and accurate impression of what to expect from Andy’s work.

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scope of project

Web Design and Development

improving user-journey

the challenge

One of the biggest challenges our team faced was creating a navigation system that would help improve the customer’s journey through the website. This feature would make it easier for potential clients to learn about Andy, see examples of his work, and find out information regarding pricing quickly and organically. As such, we needed to plan how to structure the site in a particular way while ensuring that it was still visually appealing.

As for the logo, our team had to come up with a design that complemented Andy’s existing brand while fitting in with the style of the new website. It was crucial for us to create something that would be instantly recognisable and give clients the right impression of what kind of work to expect.

the solution

Our hard work resulted in a stylish website being created that gave Andy a professional edge over other photographers. We made sure that the site was mostly image-based, to show off Andy’s work to customers. Our team also included subtle animations that draw customer’s attention to particular points of interests. The elegant design, bright colouring, and font choices all work together to give visitors an idea of Andy’s style of photography.

The logo, much like the website, was designed with subtlety in mind and is comprised of a single golden leaf. The minimalist design means the logo is not a distracting feature while still appearing professional. Our team worked hard to make the design unique and recognisable so that it would become synonymous with Andy’s business.

We also offered Andy advice from an SEO point of view, which would work to bring more traffic to his website. Our team made sure to provide Andy with a training session so that he became familiar with the site and was able to make changes regarding photos, content, and more. It is important to us that all of our clients find success with their websites, so we have made sure to make services available to help with that.

As with all of our clients, we maintained an open dialogue with Andy throughout the entire process. We wanted to make sure that he was pleased with the direction we were taking and felt that our work was helping to enhance his business’ image. Thanks to this communication, we were able to create a website that left him fully satisfied, and our team incredibly proud.

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