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Alexander Joseph has well and truly cut the cord when it comes to high-end cordless lamps and bespoke shades. The company was formed to address a gap in the market concerning the availability of quality cordless lamps. Drawing on their creative background and knowledge of developing new and innovative products, they poured all their ingenuity into creating a stunning new collection.

Designed by some of the industry’s most renowned artists and product designers, each lamp is a work of art. Each is handcrafted with all finishing and assembly handled by Alexander Joseph. The company developed its own battery cells and electronics with high-capacity lithium ion cells capable of delivering around 52 hours of use per charge making for a truly cordless experience.

As well as their standard range, customers can also peruse unique one-offs and other exceptional limited edition variants.

the brief

Edirect were approached by Alexander Joseph to help promote this new, up and coming business. We were tasked with creating something that would assist the company in reaching the widest possible audience. The brief called for a new website that would be designed in such a way that encapsulated the sophistication and elegance of the products they sold.

The website was intended to appeal to a high-end market. As such, it would need to showcase the qualities of these prestigious products in a way that would resonate with an affluent clientele. The website would need to be stylish, modern and above all else, user-friendly.

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scope of project

Web Design and Development

stylish, modern and above all else, user-friendly

the challenge

Our team faced few, if any, real challenges during the creation of this website.

The only major challenge was building a website that showcased a variety of collections and incorporated customisable options all while remaining user-friendly and pleasing to the eye. It was important to maintain the high-end appearance requested by the client, and so consistency needed to be observed throughout.

the solution

The web design team used WooCommerce, which is an excellent platform for e-commerce websites. It has all the great tools and features that can be used to showcase a business’ full range of products. We used these tools to showcase Alexander Joseph’s extensive selection of bespoke lamps, each with different variations.

We incorporated a wide range of customisable options allowing customers to select a different body, finish, plinth finish and lampshade for their product before proceeding to the checkout. The inclusion of this functionality would give customers the ability to purchase something tailored to their specific taste. As well as making the site as user-friendly as possible, our designers worked closely with the client to select styles and colours in keeping with the original brief.

Our design team worked with the feedback provided by Alexander Joseph to create a website that looked modern and stylish; a website that would appeal to a select audience. The client was delighted with the final design and particularly loved the way the site served as an excellent platform for some of Alexander Joseph’s more exclusive items.

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