Online Engagement – What does this mean for businesses?


Online engagement
What does this mean for businesses?

Online engagement is used by every business and online advertising service worldwide to some degree, and is far from a new concept. Today, a large proportion of how consumers interact, communicate and buy from businesses takes place online.

A study has shown that Brits spend on average 6.9 hours per day engaging with online content, with millennials spending 10.6 hours online; 5.2 being on mobile.

A few years ago, a common customer journey would involve searching for the product in question from a desktop computer, comparing a few prices and purchasing from a company’s website. However, with smartphone technological advancements, the emergence of social media and fierce competition making it harder to stand out from the crowd, how your customers view and interact with your website is ever changing.

Take, for example, your normal morning routine. You wake up, check your emails and scroll through social media – all before jumping out of bed. You’ll browse through Twitter over your morning cup of coffee, scroll through Facebook on your work commute and favourite a few photos of friends enjoying their holiday on Instagram over lunch. This is all while spotting an ad or two, and posts from a few companies you like, as you go.

You may then decide to click on an advertisement while on social media after spotting a product that has caught your interest. However, if the website is dated, unattractive and difficult to navigate on a smartphone, this may hinder the process and put you off from making a purchase. Over three-quarters of UK residents between the ages of 16 and 65 own a smartphone, which makes ensuring that your website is appealing and easily accessible on this device an absolute must.

With this customer-focused approach in mind, how you utilise online engagement to your advantage, and make sure you’re providing a first impression that speaks volumes about your business.

“Detailed process with the consideration of design, development, conversion and marketing.”

How can edirect increase your online engagement?

At edirect, we offer businesses such as yours the chance to take advantage of this ever-growing digital environment and provide the following range of services.

Web Design

Did you know that 46% of Brits say they would be influenced to purchase if they’ve had a good experience with commercial content? Furthermore, 24% state that they would share this content with friends and family.

A well-designed website that works seamlessly on a smartphone indicates that your business is customer focused, modern and in keeping with the latest trends. Specialising in responsive web design web design for both desktop and smartphones, we can integrate a variety of bespoke web applications to suit your brand.

These include interactive forms, shopping systems, complex API integrations, and more.

Social Media Marketing

It’s undeniable that social media has a huge impact on a businesses’ online engagement. As previously mentioned, you could be posting content that integrates seamlessly with your customers browsing habits, whether it’s an Instagram post, tweet update or even an expertly designed Pinterest pin to attract attention. As well as allowing for more online engagement, having a range of social media profiles allows your business to showcase its exceptional service.

At edirect, we can assist by creating a range of profiles to suit a variety of target markets, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Mobile Apps

Are you looking for a way to truly stand out from the current market? If so, utilising mobile apps is a fantastic way of offering customers a streamlined means to explore what your business has to offer.

Edirect can design and build apps to compliment your desktop and mobile websites. For those on a budget, we can create apps that utilise our existing platform tools, which result in popular features that won’t break the bank.

For full information on our mobile apps service and how they can benefit your business, take a look at the service page on our website.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a large part of becoming known for your particular services and products in your geological target market, whether that’s the town or city you’re based or UK wide. Our team of writers will focus on keywords that are most often associated with your brand by weaving them into informative, yet appealing highly appealing content.

These are usually featured as blog pieces or background pages. Every article written is original, with no copy and pasting from previous articles or other works, unless directly quoting a source for information.

Measuring online engagement can increase site traffic and organic search results, enable predictive modelling to refine successful elements and events, and offer personal experiences for each customer.


Putting together a website, mobile site or app is all well and good, but if it’s not filled with relevant, authentic, original and well-designed content, it will fall flat regardless. Here at edirect, we have a team of content writers that are specifically dedicated to producing original copy for increasing the user-friendly aspects of your online commercial presence.

From highly engaging web content to blogs and landing pages, you can expect content that has been expertly tailored to the needs of your company.

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