Olympia Triumph Case Study


Olympia Triumph Case Study 

Olympia Triumph is a company that specialises in providing the highest quality equipment and products to a vast array of industries. They began by supplying a range of metal fittings and rescue equipment to the oil and gas industries and rescue services but have since branched out to provide equipment to the Military too. Over the years, Olympia Triumph has continued to improve on the quality of their products and the range they offer to their clients.  

Olympia Triumph has been highly successful in their industry thanks to the quality of the equipment and products they provide and the vast range of industries they can supply to. Based in Dorset, they have only continued to grow as a company.  

The Brief 

For the brief, our team at edirect was tasked with building a new website that would make displaying their products much more efficient and clearer. The client’s objective was to have their products clearly displayed to those who would be most interested in them. They also wanted to be able to demonstrate which products worked well together to aid their customers in purchasing the correct products that worked in conjunction with each other.  

The website needed to be easy to navigate with everything laid out in a clear and concise way, helping their customers to find the products specific to their industry.  

The Challenge 

One of the biggest challenges that our team faced when building this website was to build a system that would clearly display the different options available alongside the other products relevant to the one chosen. This would make the customer’s buying journey easier and simpler, ensuring they purchase all the equipment needed for their job and industry. As such, we needed to find a way to make this process work seamlessly and only display the relevant products while still creating a visually appealing website.   

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The Solution 

The hard work of our team resulted in a fantastic and responsive site that was not only visually appealing but also built to the client’s specifications. To make sure we created a site that clearly displayed the relevant products to their customers, our team built a handy calculator on the site.   

This calculator ensured the site correctly displayed the relevant products to the customers and that other products related to the original could be easily found. Everything was laid out in such a way to make the site easy to navigate, with products being listed within their individual industries and categories, ensuring customers can easily find what they need.  

As with every project we work on, we communicated directly with the client, Olympia Triumph, throughout the entire process. We wanted to make sure every aspect of the new site was as they wanted it, not only the navigable products section but also the final visual aspects of the site too. Thanks to expert communication, we were able to create a stunning site that exceeded all the client’s expectations.   

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