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Ever recognised how balance creates a more visually intriguing presentation slide? Or how emphasis on the most important elements is achieved via certain scale, colour and placement? Perhaps not, but ask any professional graphic designer and the answer is an unequivocal “yes!”

Engaging presentation content

If you’ve ever tried designing a presentation in the available desktop publishing software, then you’ll appreciate how intricate this process can be. As a creative agency, edirect fully understands how a professional presentation requires visual harmony between all elements to sell the bigger picture.

Our graphic artists can master your information and transform it into an engaging layout, with typography and imagery that will immerse your prospective audience.

The process of crafting a presentation is a long one that takes time and effort. Many presentations relegate the design aspect to the lowest priority and it will show. Creating a smooth layout where each aspect works together seamlessly is what edirect specialises in.

When a presentation or a proposal has been poorly designed, it can confuse the audience and fail in its mission to effectively communicate with the client. While the data is obviously important, the design of the proposal has to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing to ensure that the information does not go to waste.

Let us understand your requirements

At edirect, we will work with you closely to understand your requirements. Our team will take the time to create a bespoke proposal or presentation format that clearly demonstrates what you want it to while looking visually pleasing and easy to comprehend. From creative layouts and appropriate typography to relevant images and general aesthetics with included company branding, we will know exactly what to consider when putting the proposal together.

Balance is the key in a successful presentation. Clients can be underwhelmed by a design that is not well thought out and overwhelmed by a cluttered one. Our graphic design team will find the perfect middle ground for delivering a sharp presentation that will help you meet all of your objectives for the meeting.

Regardless of which industry you are working in, people will remember a distinctive presentation with a crisp design that perfectly encapsulates the essential message.

Who to target with your Keynotes

who to target with your keynotes

Our graphic design team uses the latest, industry standard creative software to create visually engaging layouts. Each presentation is rendered and packaged in the ready-to-view format (digital PDF or HTML5). You can then use this to deliver keynotes to the following audiences:

  • Maintain brand identity, equipping sales teams with easily distributed solutions
  • Start-up businesses promoting trust and professionalism via crafted, engaging keynotes
  • Existing enterprises promoting new services or products to prospective investors via coherent content
  • Existing enterprises looking to develop awareness of new developments with staff or subscribers

With an in-house team of specialist presentation designers, we make sure that your visual content really connects with the audience and tells an engaging story.

“Every design created by edirect will be completely bespoke to you and your business”

The Importance of Storytelling

It may not be immediately obvious but aesthetics become a key element in your sales message. If design components are placed without purpose, they are likely to clash. This will surely lead to confused audiences, who will fail to comprehend the intended tone of your message.

Comparable and consistent design elements create information that is deciphered far quicker. These also keep your slide style on-brand. But what does this mean? That each detail is married via your brand colours, fonts and written voice, creating a look that corresponds with your services and products, thus associating your business as trustworthy and professional.

There is a reason behind each design element being presented in the way it is. Consistency and balance are key in creating a successful presentation that will stay in the client’s mind as a standout with no clutter.

Approaching presentations in this way and enlisting the expertise of edirect ensures that you have covered all bases. Not only will your designs be functional as well as visually pleasing but you will also be able to explain the reasons for this particular layout if asked.

Our graphics team will show you progress during various stages – from initial sketches through to completion. Storytelling is key when it comes to a successful presentation and your audience will be able to see how much thought and time has gone into yours.

A creative presentation will ensure that people in varying positions will be equally able to comprehend the information that you are trying to communicate. Opting for a professional presentation design will provide the perfect framework for showing information about a product, service or the company itself in a structured way, emphasising the most important aspects.

The number one reason for enlisting the expertise of edirect is the versatility and flexibility that our presentation designs will provide you with. They can be used in one on one meetings or shown as the core element of a larger meeting. Additionally, they can easily be made available online.

Why choose us?

Creating a design that is both beautiful and informative isn’t an easy task. Get in touch with edirect to discuss your requirements. We believe that every meeting is a fresh opportunity to get creative and help people reach their professional goals. Our team would be happy to walk you through all of the options available to you at our agency.

Presentations have been proven to improve results when appropriately used as part of a sales campaign. We will work alongside you to put together a design that will stay in the client’s mind and make your company stand out from the competition.

Striking images with clearly understandable text and tasteful typography will engage the audience and hold their attention. While an individual can make an impression by just talking, adding a presentation to the mix will take the meeting to the next level.

The sheer flexibility of well-crafted presentations is their key benefit. You will easily be able to move pieces of information around or add new data where required. The information and bullet points can be effortlessly modified when presenting to different audiences within a short space of time.

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