Brochures are both concise and accessible, which makes them a great way to display corporate information about your company’s services. This easy-to-read format is also highly retainable, taking pride of place in your customers’ spaces.

Perfect Public Relations – Brochures full of useful service information

Placing brochures in strategic locations will allow your business to spread information to a wide audience and thereby attract new customers. They can easily be placed in promotional giveaways that are sent through the mail or laid out on tables within your office.

Many companies choose to give away other types of items along with the brochures, especially at trade shows. The merchandise might be the initial reason people are walking up, however they will read through the brochure afterwards and find out about your whole brand.

Brochures are a great cost-effective marketing plan. edirect will work with you closely to come up with a design that perfectly presents the message that you are trying to convey. Our creative graphic design team will ensure your brochures match your company’s existing aesthetic.

edirect’s brochures will be sleek and perfectly convey the information you are trying to spread. They can be shared with potential and existing customers alike as well as business partners and other contacts.

Flexibility is the main reason companies opt for bespoke brochures. Depending on your target audience and business objectives, you can reach customers by mailing brochures in the post, handing them out at trade shows and conferences or using them on location.

Brochures are easy to display and can be placed in a wide range of locations such as your company’s offices, trade shows and more. This appeal is achieved by carefully placed print effects, such as rich laminate covers, spot UV glossed elements, and bespoke die-cut folds and shapes.

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These design trends help you to engage your customers and display your service offers without going into great depth. Brochures are also useful as in-house company literature and used to remind clients and staff about your brand values. This in turn broadens your market base, as people share information verbally or over the web from your printed materials.

At edirect, our talented graphic design team is able to create bespoke brochures and creative layouts for your corporate material. This exclusive design will improve the attention given to your print material and enhance business opportunities. A brochure designed by edirect is the way forward, as we look to calculate the appropriate materials and processes to suit your budget.

Getting customers’ eyes on a well-designed brochure will build up trust for your brand. Companies can choose to include any relevant information including product details, brand data and their objectives.

All brochure designs that edirect creates will be completely bespoke and tailored to your company. Whether you already have a colour scheme in mind or you want to leave it to our graphic design team, we are here to facilitate your request.

Whether you are looking to include product information with prices or share your brand’s interesting history, edirect will create a design that conveys the message perfectly. We will compact the information and design eye-catching graphics that customers will immediately notice.

Brochures are able to offer a lot of information for their size. You can include company history, product overviews, service information as well as contact details at the back. A well-designed brochure will give the customer a great overview of why your brand is one they can trust.

“Every design created by edirect will be completely bespoke to you and your business”

Why Choose Us?

edirect was founded in 2001, initially offering templated websites for the cheapest prices in the Dorset area. Our agency has gone from strength to strength during the past 16 years. We have now developed the skills to offer fully bespoke sites and the highest quality graphic design services.

Our close-knit team consists of experts in all facets of interactive development – strategic, technical and creative. The majority of our work comes from client recommendations with a smaller percentage through self-marketing.

Brochures are an important marketing tool that allow businesses to compact a lot of information into a small area. Our graphics team will come up with the ideal design to compact the information in a readable way onto a sleek template.

The edirect team will work with you closely to provide a completely bespoke service that helps you meet your business objectives. Each one of our clients has individual requirements and we will tailor our services accordingly to meet their needs.

With our years of experience, edirect is perfectly placed to work with you on your brochures. We have the skills and capabilities to come up with unique designs that perfectly present the information that you are looking to spread with your customers, business partners or employees.

As one of the most effective ways of reaching specific groups of people, creative brochures always have a place in a comprehensive marketing strategy. Reach out to edirect to discuss the possibilities available to your company today.

A professional business needs a professional image

If you feel like it is time to add a new strategy to your marketing plan, then brochures offer you many benefits at a low cost. Print brochures are as important today as ever before, with people appreciating the personalised touch that they offer.

edirect is here to help businesses finalise a perfect content format for their brochures. From classic tri-fold designs to more comprehensive accordion four-folds and everything in between, we are here to help you create your perfect brochure.

People reading the brochure – whether they be potential clients, existing industry contacts or employees working within the company – will respond positively to a well-designed layout, with concise content and appropriate accompanying imagery.

The creativity of the design and the finishing effects will make all the difference on how well the brochure is received by the intended audience. With edirect’s solutions, you will benefit from bespoke brochures that will provide you with a perfect low-cost marketing tool.

A client reading a brochure essentially receives one on one communication. This means they are personalised and more effective than addressing a general audience would be. The edirect team will help you figure out the best way to get the message across in an accessible manner.

Written material feels more personal than simply reading through a website. Additionally, it will give businesses the opportunity to clearly and concisely present the reasons a customer should choose their brand over the competition.

Brochures are a great investment to show the intended audience that you are serious about your brand and spreading its message as widely as you can. edirect is here to help you get that information across concisely and creatively.

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