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If you own an e-commerce site, you are already aware that these websites are a little bit different to normal websites and come with their own set of needs. If your website keeps crashing or customers are finding it difficult to place an order, then you will need to rethink your e-commerce web hosting and reach out to edirect.

Why you need specialised E Commerce hosting

e-commerce sites have their unique needs due to the influx of traffic being significantly higher than other websites. These sites send more requests to the server, some of which are not appropriately equipped to deal with the sheer volume, which can cause major issues such as site downtime.

Site speed is very important for user experience and the success of a brand’s online presence. If your website is slow to load, this will only drive visitors away to your competitors. No one likes to wait around – especially if you want to buy something online quickly.

Over the last few years, there has been a steep rise in mobile usage for accessing the internet. To cope with the mobile demands, e-commerce websites have to be placed onto fast servers to satisfy all visitors.

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Subsequently, with the rise in visitors to e-commerce sites, hosting has to adapt to this market trend. Higher security levels are standard to protect the website and its visitors from malevolent forces. The hosting requirements for these websites have to be customised in order to cope with the visitors, site demands and many more factors.

edirect hosts numerous e-commerce websites, so we will know exactly what to consider when picking your new platform. We will take the time to get to know your company and your products for a fully bespoke hosting solution.

While there are many providers advertising hosting services with numerous additional features, many of these will not actually be useful or relevant to every business. Every brand requires a platform that will match the company’s specific needs and business objectives.

what edirect provides

When you choose edirect to host your e-commerce site, you will get a fully customised hosting package. Our high-speed and reliable servers can host shops built in PrestaShop, Magento, and Woo commerce just to name a few. Every website will be placed on a secure server with little-to-no downtime and SSL integration as standard.

Outsourcing your e-commerce website hosting is a practical solution. Leave your platform in the safe hands of our expert developers and you will be able to focus more on other business tasks. Our agency also offers other services to go alongside our hosting solutions including design, development and digital marketing.

is it time for an upgrade?

Every e-commerce website will eventually reach a point where a fresh start is required. Whether you are looking to refresh the site due to a new name, brand strategy or to cope with increasing traffic, edirect is here to help make the process effortless for you.

Book a meeting with one of our developers to find out more how moving your hosting to our servers would benefit your business. We will walk you through all of the benefits as well as the predicted costs and the expected changes while answering any questions you may have.

what to expect

Moving your hosting over to edirect’s servers will give you a great return on investment. This is due to the time and financial cost of dealing with development issues and other errors being saved altogether.

You will not have to worry about lost business due to a slow running website or constant downtime. All security risks and breaches will be minimised and eradicated before they have a chance to cause any issues.

“Every website will be placed on a secure server and little-to-no downtime with SSL integration as standard”

why choose us?

Whether you have clear objectives on what you are looking to achieve by moving over your e-commerce hosting to an outside provider or you are still considering whether it’s the right choice, edirect is here to help.

Our expert team will let you know about realistic timeframes for the completion of the transfer process. There are many variables to consider when carrying out a hosting migration and we will explain each one to you in detail, so you can make an informed decision.

Founded in 2001, edirect has nearly two decades of experience in website hosting and other accompanying services. What started as a one man division has now grown into a full service creative agency.

Our unique close-knit team of experts consists of dedicated professionals in all facets of interactive development – creative, technical and strategic. All hosting services will be tailored to the requirements of the client as we understand that no two requests are ever the same.

When you get in touch for an initial consultation, we will work with you closely to get an overview of your existing business as well as what you are looking to achieve within the next few years. We will be able to pinpoint the limitations of your existing platform and offer you a suitable alternative based on the findings.

If you think your servers and team members are no longer capable of sustaining the customer traffic and ensuring that everything is running smoothly, then it’s time to outsource your e-commerce hosting. Customer experience is at the heart of every online shop regardless of industry, so it’s vital to ensure that insufficient capabilities aren’t holding your company back.


a professional business needs a professional website

At edirect, we are forward-thinking individuals and we bring this approach to our web hosting solutions. It is important to not only consider the current demand but also the future growth of the brand within the coming years.

Having an e-commerce store is a necessity in our digital age. Consumers are likely to look up several products for comparison before finalising their online purchase. This makes the method in which customers come into contact with your products the key aspect in achieving and sustaining success.

Investing in external e-commerce website hosting will be a smart long-term decision for your brand. The costs of constantly upgrading your own server hardware, software and high-speed internet connectivity can easily stack up as customer demand for your products increases. The website has to be running fast at all times.

Our technologically advanced world is ever-changing and keeping up with the latest developments takes knowledge and skills. You and your team members will not have to worry about that when enlisting the expertise of edirect for your website hosting. We will ensure that your e-commerce website runs optimally at all times across all available platforms.

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