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Having an e-commerce website is the perfect way to get your business online and increase your sales. This allows your products to be sold to your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is not only convenient for the average shopper, but also for people that work long hours in the day and don’t have the window of opportunity to shop in store.

Increase your turnover by selling online

Edirect has extensive knowledge and experience in developing innovative E-commerce websites for businesses looking to sell their products and services online. All of our E-commerce website solutions are implemented with the customer and the business in mind, including the added benefits of accepting payments, processing online transactions in a safe and secure environment, and providing you and your customers with added peace of mind.

Extensive Benefits of Online Sales

The reasons to have an e-commerce website are extensive and range from minor benefits to potentially business changing enhancements to your target market and revenue streams. Our team have an in-depth understanding of the e-commerce world and what it takes to succeed. Below are just a few of the many reasons why having an e-commerce website is a pertinent and highly beneficial business decision.


no sales pressure

In general, customers prefer to look at products over the internet without any salesperson pressure. When standing in a store or shop front, customers can feel inadvertently pressured into hurrying up and picking something if they feel they’re being watched by shop staff and salespeople. Giving your customers and potential customers the ability to peruse your services and products at their leisure can greatly increase their willingness to purchase from you.


streamlined stock expansion

Often times, advertising your new range of products can be difficult and costly if you run a physical store. You have to change window displays, rotate stock around, reformat the shop floor to better highlight the new items, and more.

price comparisons

No matter which market sector you are a part of, competition will be high. In this regard, customers can compare prices more quickly and effectively online and will be able to see that you are the best option for the items or services they want. Over time, this helps to increase buyer confidence and comfort so that they are more likely to return to your website for further purchases.

With our e-commerce web design, making your new inventory visible to customers couldn’t be easier, cleaner, and more effective.

Not only will this save you money on marketing, but it will also help save you time and maximise the new products’ exposure to the target audience.

“Any business that begins to sell through E commerce will see their sales increase”

increased retail sales share

The potential for the internet to reach people is ever expanding. As such, people are purchasing products over the internet more and more every day. E-commerce sales accounted for 15.9% of all UK retail sales in 2017. That has increased to 17.4% for 2018, and since its conception it has seen a year on year increase in sales.

mobile scope

More and more customers are shopping whilst on the move using mobile devices. In 2014, global mobile e-commerce totalled an estimated £139 billion and has increased every year since. In 2018, it is projected to reach a staggering £507 billion worldwide, which means the potential for your business to grow using our e-commerce web development is better than ever.

brand exposure

Google search results and advertising campaigns reach in excess of 80% of internet users, which is roughly 2.88 billion people worldwide and over 60 million people in the UK alone. With our help and expertise, you will be able to make your brand visible to an ever increasing audience. International companies can take advantage of developing countries that are gaining access to the online market thanks to the installation of modern telephone lines and technology.

local sales

A lot of businesses overlook the possibilities presented by local searches and the customers within range of their company itself. There is a lot of untapped power in local searches with just over 18% of local searches being converted into successful sales within 24 hours.

the future

With technology improving every year, it is leading to new ways of searching the internet and making it more accessible to the masses. Elements like voice searches are becoming more popular and with our e-commerce web design, your business can continue to use the latest methods to appeal to the biggest audience available in the world.

what is an e-commerce website?

E-commerce stands for electronic commerce, and is a broad term encompassing anything that involves online financial transactions. An e-commerce website is any site that is set up to take payments, whether the payments received are for a product or service.

It is a great place to be able to show your clients the full extent of what you have to offer without needing an enormous physical shop front to display everything. It also gives you the ability to deliver item information that would otherwise be difficult to put across in a physical shopping environment. The scope for exploiting niche markets and audiences is unbeaten by any other platform for sales.

why choose an E-commerce web design?

E-commerce has been around for a while now and is becoming more popular with each passing year. However, it has only been in the last few years that customers have been really making the most of it with explosive growth across the e-commerce market for every sector. This means that it is important you get the best services for your website to ensure that you are staying one step ahead of the competition.

The average web user now has the technology, the knowledge and the trust to make their purchases online. There are service providers, such as PayPal and more, that are making it even easier to purchase goods and services safely and securely online, further increasing customers’ willingness to buy online. This is great news for businesses and retailers as there are a huge number of benefits of an e-commerce web design over selling in store or on the phone.

The growth of e-commerce has shown that, as a marketing and advertising platform, is should be taken seriously and utilised to the full extent of its capabilities. Any business that begins to sell through e-commerce will see their sales increase over the year. The opportunities for increased marketability and exposure of your brand means that you’ll reach more customers than ever with a better profit margin and less drain on your time and resources.

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