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As consumers grow to recognise and trust your brand, they will respond positively when encountering your logo – leading to increased sales and improved mind share within your target market.

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Put simply; a brand is the personality of your business. From your name, design and positioning, to target market and core values, there are many factors involved when establishing your company. At edirect, our experienced and knowledgeable team can help to do just that with our exceptional brand image service. Our graphic design team can create an array of content, both digital and physical, to build a brand that encapsulates the very heart of your business.

From print, digital and audible advertising, to creative copywriting, web design and corporate brochures and stationery, there are many ways to effectively and professionally create your brand. So, if you’re seeking a new website design with marketing material to match, your search is over now that you have discovered our talented team of technical, strategic and creative experts.

Whether you seek a single service to further enhance your existing website or a new website that incorporates all of the latest features and functions, look no further. To find out more and to start reaping the many benefits of an established brand image, simply get in touch with our helpful team today.

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a brand that resonates with your customers

A business that has a brand that is well thought out and resonates with its customers is one that is sure to create a clear and lasting first impression – for all of the right reasons. A website that contains a well-designed and attractive logo, but also features that do not correspond with it, may confuse and put off potential clients. With this in mind, enlisting the help of an experienced and talented team to create your brand image is essential to ensuring your brand is memorable.

With nearly two decades of experience, edirect are perfectly placed to offer just that, as well as an array of complementary services to create a truly bespoke site that embodies your business. At edirect, our talented graphic design team can create a brand image that truly stands the test of time and conveys to your customers and clients a sense of trustworthiness and high quality.

Whether you seek a complete brand overhaul to update your business online presence, or physical forms of advertising such as flyers, brochures or posters, edirect are the obvious choice. Or, if you would like to truly make an impact, why not consider options such as signage to really make your mark? At edirect, we can offer these services, and many, to create a comprehensive and fully bespoke provision to stand your business out from rest.

more than just a logo

While you may think that a brand image is simply the creation of a logo, the truth is that it encompasses many different aspects of design, functionality and even psychology. From colour use, font, style and placement, your brand is what truly sets you apart from your competitors. Therefore, choosing a brand image that sums up your business is essential to establish itself as one that truly stands out from the crowd, and offers only the highest quality service.

Regardless of what service your business offers, consistency is always crucial to ensuring that your customers or clients resonate with your company. From restaurants, e-commerce websites and more, there are many ways to ensure that your marketing material creates a seamless transition from digital and print, and at edirect, we can assist with just that.

From brochures, business card design and leaflets to personalised stationery, proposal presentation design and even menus, the only limit to our brand image service is your imagination. At edirect, we love taking on a challenge, so no request is too big or small.

“Well-crafted branding ensures that potential customers are converted in a reliable revenue”

Why Choose Us?

Established in 2001, edirect first had origins as a digital company offering templated websites at highly affordable prices. However, over the past 17 years, we have gone from strength to strength, and now pride ourselves on being one of the leading digital marketing companies in Bournemouth. Now, our dedicated team of strategic, creative and technical experts can offer a fully comprehensive service that is tailored precisely to your requirements. With this in mind, we are the obvious choice for all of your marketing needs.

We love taking on a challenge, and no request is too big or small for our talented and highly knowledgeable team of experts. If you’re a new business wishing to establish yourself in today’s competitive market, why not also enlist us for website design and development services? Ensuring that your site is accessible across all devices, including smartphone, tablet or desktop, is imperative to create a seamless experience. Or, perhaps you’re looking to further enhance your online presence with PPC and Facebook Ads?

At edirect, our team possess a wealth of knowledge to assist with this, as well as much more. Included with our services is a bespoke web applications provision, meaning that, whatever you wish to have included on your site, we can create just that. We understand the importance of maintaining a professional image both on and offline, meaning we also offer stationery, poster and brochure services, as well as leaflets, flyers and much more. With this in mind, your business will have all it needs to establish itself both digitally and physically.

marketing services for a tailor-made provision

For many businesses, creating a website and establishing a brand is simply the tip of the iceberg, as there are many other factors to consider in order to remain one step ahead of your competitors. As well as our exceptional brand image service, our experienced strategic, technical and creative team can offer a service that is truly comprehensive, and tailored precisely to your business’ precise requirements.

With this in mind, you won’t have to source each service you require elsewhere and can rest assured that your business’ online presence is in highly capable and expert hands. So, whether you seek a fully comprehensive marketing service that encompasses branding, website development and all things SEO, or just a one-off branding service, your search is over now that you have discovered edirect.

At edirect, we pride ourselves on going that extra mile to ensure that your business never misses a beat. With this in mind, we offer an exceptional website management service to ensure that your site remains up to date with all of the latest functions and features. This, combined with our brand image service, ensures that your site consistently remains professional, easy to navigate and ahead of the game. To find out more about our brand image service and how we can establish your company’s physical and digital presence, get in touch using one of the contact methods below. Our helpful team will be more than happy to assist.

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