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What do McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and British Airways have in common? They all have distinctive and memorable brands that sets them apart from their competition. Branding is essential for companies of all sizes and will help create an image in your customer’s eyes which they will be unable to forget. With the help of our graphic designers, your business will be portrayed in the correct light.

Our branding in Leeds, solution for your business

Behind a great product or service, there is a company with unique branding that is instantly recognisable. Branding your business new or old is an important decision if you wish to be taken seriously. Give your company a makeover and reassure your customers with our branding Leeds service, which will set you apart from your competitors.

Markets nowadays are saturated with competition which makes our branding in Leeds service all the more important. Our Brand Manager and team of graphic designers will work with you to create branding that encapsulates your business but sends out clear signals to your customers what you do. A memorable brand is an investment for your company, which will define for years to come.

If you want your business to be taken seriously and nail those important contracts, details such as branding cannot be overlooked. Logos and fonts that have been created in Paint or by a friend for free will send out signals that you don’t care about your work or attention to detail. Your competitors will soon soar above you.

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ways to use our branding leeds service

When you choose our Leeds branding service, the applications for your business will be plenty, as well as using it in signage, you will be able to apply the branding to the following:

  • Business cards
  • Corporate stationery
  • Branded vehicle livery
  • Social media pages
  • Website landing pages
  • YouTube videos and many more


Reinforce your image with a memorable business card that encapsulates your business, industry and contact details in one. Many branding in Leeds customers find that businesses cards are a necessity. A well designed business card isn’t just something to be handed out when needed, it is there to cement your relationship and start conversation especially if the design is different to what’s on the market.

In addition to business cards, our team can brand your logo on all types of vital office stationery from:

  • Pens
  • Notepads
  • Paper
  • Letter heads

We adapt your logo to ensure that it fits every Leeds branding platform. There’s nothing worse than having too much information or illegible branding stamped on your stationery.

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Brand image

The logo is only one part of your whole brand image. Our branding Leeds team understand that every brand has a voice that speaks to the customers. From the font, colours and the overall appearance, we take great care to ensure that your new brand is in line with your company’s ethos. We look at trends, target audience and visual components during the planning stage.

Logo design

Key to any business that wishes to compete and dominate its target market is a logo. Investing time in a logo with the help of our branding in Leeds designers will pay dividends in the long-run. Any business owner knows that image is essential regardless of the industry and having a memorable logo/catchy phrase will stay in the minds of customers and bring in business.

“There are only a small percentage of web design and development companies that will have the knowledge and experience to carry out unique and bespoke projects.”

about us

edirect has offered excellent branding Leeds solutions to businesses of all sizes over the past 16 years. We have helped businesses new and established realise their brand identity and brand voice. Our branding solutions are bespoke to each customer and we will ensure that you receive a complete solution from the team.

The Leeds branding team are more than adept at taking your ideas and bringing them to life. We have hand-selected each member of the team, so that they fit the values of our company and provide our customers with our famous personal service. All services will be delivered according to the brief supplied, and within your budget.

For a logo design, we draw up a range of different ideas after our initial consultation with you so that we can identify the right direction for your business. From here, our branding Leeds team will then get to work by adding the wow factor to your business card so that it defines your business whilst being memorable.

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