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Bournemouth tops London for the fastest growing digital economy in Britain. Did you know that Bournemouth has the fastest growing digital economy in the UK?

Newly released research has shown that from 2010 there has been a 212% increase in the set-up of new digital companies in Bournemouth.

This has dispelled the image that the UK’s digital economy is solely based in London, and the research has shown that tech clusters have developed in size all over the United Kingdom.

The recently released report from Tech City has found that the digital economy outside of London has rapidly expanded since 2010. It showed that 74% of newly formed digital companies were now based outside of London.

In cities all over the U.K, the digital economy has rapidly expanded over the last ten years. Growth in the digital industry has reached similar levels in places such as Liverpool, which had an overall growth level of 119%. In comparison, the growth in Inner London was only 92% and in Brighton, industry growth was measured at 91%. In terms of sheer growth, Bournemouth has dwarfed other locations in the U.K.

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