7 Reasons to Use Magento In Your Website Development

7 Reasons to Use Magento In Your Website Development

Welcome to edirect, where we’re big fans of Magento and the many benefits the ecommerce open source scripting language brings. Magento enables the creation of easy-to-use websites and is now considered a global leader when it comes to ecommerce.

If you shop online on a regular basis, then there’s a good chance that you’ve already ordered from a website that utilises Magento without even realising. Below, we’re going to explore the seven key reasons that you should use Magento in your website development.

1 – It’s an Open Source Platform

Magento is an open source platform, which means that it’s very customisable to your company’s exact needs and requirements, whatever they may be. The edirect team has many years of experience with creating custom layouts and modules that are going to give you supreme functionality.

2 – It’s an Established Choice for Many Leading Businesses

Numerous top companies use Magento and have done so for many years to great success. All you need to do is check some of the feedback that people have given the platform to see that no matter which industry you’re working in, it’s a great option that you can count on.

3 – It’s Versatile

One of the key advantages of Magento is just how customisable it is. Your online shop’s cart can be used by registered clients as well as guests, making checking out very easy and stress-free. There are many additional custom features available that we’d be happy to help you with, ensuring that you get exactly what you want as we understand that no two businesses are the same.

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4 – It’s SEO Friendly

Search engine optimisation is an absolutely essential part of running a successful website and this is why Magento is a great choice. It comes with many fantastic built-in SEO features that are going to help your website rank as high as possible on search engines to create new business.

5 – It’s Compatible with Smartphones

In our modern age, people are spending more time on their smart devices than ever before in history and a lot of people now prefer to do their shopping on their phone. With Magento, you can make sure that your shop is perfectly optimised to the screen size of whichever device a customer may be using.

6 – It’s Easy to Get Support

The Magento team is very active and there are many great additions that are regularly added by the developers to make sure that your website is secure and stable at all times. The edirect team is always here for you, too, in case you have any questions or concerns.

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7 – It’s Great for Multitasking

Any business owner knows that multitasking is an essential skill for success. With Magento, you can easily monitor your website traffic and sales as well as performance in one easily understandable place with no complicated tech-talk or cluttered pages.

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